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March 26, 2003 – Corporate Travel Survey

Business travel demand, already significantly depressed by 9/11 and a weak economy, is likely to decline further in the months ahead. According to a Business Travel Coalition survey of 123 large buyers of U.S. commercial air transportation services conducted on March 19 (the day the war began):

  • 21 percent of corporations have banned international travel for some period of time, or until further notice.

  • 33 percent of corporations would consider banning international travel under worsening circumstances.

  • 54 percent of corporations have tightened pre-approval processes for international travel.

  • 48 percent of corporations have adjusted domestic U.S. travel policy in anticipation of war with Iraq.

  • 65 percent of companies have indicated that they have communicated to employees that there is no pressure from management to travel during this time of hostilities.

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