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Spa industry research for Singapore

The latest research findings relating to the Singapore spa industry was released, observing some downturn during 2003 however renewed growth in the demand for spa treatments during 2004.

The Spa Industry Survey Singapore 2003 report estimated average employees per spa decreased by 17.2% in 2003 compared to 2002, however there was an overall increase of 6.3% in employee numbers between 2000 and 2003.

Singapore Spa Industry Survey results include:

  • Approximately two thirds of the spas surveyed were operating as private companies.

  • Day spas made up 27% of spa types.

  • 68% of spa visitors were female and 32% were male.

  • 21% of spa visitors were international tourists.

  • The majority of Singapore spa owners and managers surveyed predicted sound performance during 2004.

Julie Garrow, Director of Intelligent Spas, stated Singapore’s spa market is quite saturated with an abundance of supply of spa services available ranging from luxury, full service spa experiences to spa treatments offered at limited service beauty salons. Spa visits and employment were negatively affected last year by the SARS outbreak, however there seems to be continued growth in the demand for spa services by both females and males.”

Peter Sng, President of the Spa Association Singapore stated “The Singapore spa industry is experiencing interesting change as it recovers from a general downturn in 2003 and adapts to an influx of new supply, a positive sign for the industry. Both Singaporeans and international visitors are increasing enjoying spa visits which is generating renewed confidence in this niche market.”

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