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Ten best tips for cooking while traveling

We have collated a list of 10 tips that can make cooking easy while traveling.

Most of us travel on a budget and this can get depleted if we eat our meals out all the time. Though trying out local cuisines can seem very tempting, it isn’t very good for your health or wallet. Keeping such things in mind, we have collated a list of 10 tips that can make cooking easy while traveling:

  • Check whether your accommodation has kitchen facilities as this can help you save money while traveling. Usually, accommodations like caravans, campervans, houses, apartments, and hostels have cooking facilities available. You don’t need a full-fledged kitchen and can manage only with a kettle, toaster, stove, and fridge. 
  • There is a popular saying, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ Eating like locals when you visit a foreign land is always preferable. Though it might differ for you, it can guarantee a more immersive experience as you get to learn about your destination in depth. You will also learn to make new meals and might even nurture a soft spot for new cuisine. 
  • Before going to the grocery store, check out the utensils available in your kitchen. Once you gain a clear understanding of the available cooking utensils, you can decide on a meal and its cooking procedure.
  • Before going on a trip, it is important to think about the meals you like eating and plan your menu accordingly by buying the basics and going through the food substitutions list. If you are staying for just one night, you can enjoy a meal at a restaurant. However, for longer stays, it is always better to cook. 
  • Your period of stay is a determining factor for the things you buy from the grocery store. Large items like a bottle of oil aren’t required if you are staying for a couple of nights. You might have to throw it away at the end of your stay unless you carry it to your next destination. Alternatives like a small cube of butter can be more helpful in such cases. 
  • Travelling throughout the day and making complicated meals after coming back to the hotel can be an exhaustive task. You should try and keep the meals simple by following easy recipes requiring limited utensils and few ingredients. 
  • You can travel with ingredients that are used regularly like noodles, rice, and pasta. This can help you prepare meals easily by adding some hot water and a little flavoring. Though it won’t top the nutrition chart, it can be cheaper than eating out, especially for travelers on a strict budget. 
  • If you have room in your luggage, then you can travel with basic cooking utensils like a collapsible bowl, coffee maker, kettle, Tupperware, rice cooker, stove, and travel cutlery.
  • Cooking in bulk can help save valuable time while traveling. You can make a big portion one day and consume it throughout the week. 
  • Travelling can get lonely sometimes especially if you are traveling solo. If you feel homesick now and then, then you can carry a piece of home with you in the form of a cooking ingredient you love the most and which cant be found abroad. 

Cooking can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience especially when you bask in compliments from your friends over the meal cooked. Though avid travelers feel doubtful about how to cook while on the move, things are bound to get easy if you follow the tips listed above. Surviving off, street food stalls, cheap restaurants, and the limited stock of local convenience stores can lead to unhealthy food choices. This is why it is always advisable to learn the basics of cooking and make the most of this skill while quenching your wanderlust.

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