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Dubailand to feature Unique AED 750 million Aqua Dubai

The Dubai Tourism Development Company has announced the signing of an agreement with Dubai based Al Sharq Group of…

The Dubai Tourism Development Company has announced the signing of an agreement with Dubai based Al Sharq Group of Investment to develop the biggest water resort in the Middle East as part of the Dubailand project.

An agreement was signed between Saeed Al Muntafiq, Director General, Dubai Development and Investment Authority on behalf of Dubai Tourism Development Company and Sheikh Ali Salman Al Shahri, the Proprietor and Chairman of the Board, Al Sharq Group of Investment.

Director General, DDIA, Saeed Al Muntafiq said, `The signing of this agreement is in line with the quick pace of developments in the Dubailand project. DDIA, which is supervising the execution of Dubailand project through Dubai Tourism Development Company, has conducted intensive negotiations with investors and groups from within and outside the country who are interested in the main and sub-projects within Dubailand.`

Al Muntafiq said, `The Aqua Dubai will add value to Dubailand, the region`s most comprehensive and largest tourism, leisure and entertainment development and will offer the best in water-based entertainment facilities seen anywhere in the region, and most probably among the best in the world.`

Sheikh Ali Salman Al Shahri said, `We are pleased to invest in Dubailand, this being one of the biggest investments by the company in Dubai worth AED 750 million. The agreement has been reached after a lot of deliberation by representatives of Dubai Development and Investment Authority and Al Sharq Group.`

Sheikh Ali Salman Al Shahri expressed his great appreciation for the policies and initiatives of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence. He said that anyone observing the vibrant economic activity in Dubai will notice the great success that Dubai has achieved and that it has become a regional hub for attracting investment especially in the tourism sector. He pointed out that Aqua Dubai will be a distinctive addition to the tourism sector in Dubai by offering a complete and unique experience for all ages, for individuals and families and for all water enthusiasts.

He added, `All the needs of visitors will be met at Aqua Dubai development, which will, of course, house a huge water park. But in addition to it, Aqua Dubai will also feature a large-scale Resort, a luxurious Spa, Water Shows, a Museum and Aquarium plus an Interactive Games complex and Restaurants.`

Unique Features

Water Park: The Aqua Dubai Water Park will be the region`s most thrilling water park. It will sprawl over more than 1 million square feet and will feature in excess of 60 water-based fun activities.

Resort: The Aqua Dubai complex will feature a luxurious and especially designed 500-room resort for water enthusiasts. The facility is being designed to offer both excitement and relaxation depending on what the visitor or his group requires. It will have all the various facilities for all family members including swimming pools.

Spa: The luxurious Spa at Aqua Dubai will offer both bathing and healing amenities with highly specialised water therapy facilities designed to soothe and relax as well as heal those utilising its facilities.

Water Shows: Aqua Dubai will feature stunning displays of light, visual image and sound. The sound and light show will use water as a medium to tell the story about ancient Islamic travelers.

Aquarium: The Aquarium at Aqua Dubai will take visitors through a journey, which would revolve around the wonders of marine life. Visitors will be able to experience virtual reality facilities with 3-D animation films that would make the Aquarium come alive.

Dolphinarium: Aqua Dubai will offer an opportunity to visitors to dance with Dolphins. At the Dolphinarium, adults and children alike could admire, learn about and enjoy and interact with a host of friendly sea creatures like Dolphins and Sea Lions and others like Parrots, Iguanas and more. The Dolphinarium will host Dolphin shows.

Museum: The Aqua Dubai Museum will feature true-to-type exhibits of ancient Islamic boats as well as feature old equipment and tools that were used for diving and pearling. It will also house an exhibit of the various varieties and types of pearls.

Submarine Ride: Aqua Dubai will offer visitors a trip through the wonders of the ocean in a submarine with the excitement associated with such a ride. The Submarine Ride will be accompanied by a virtual reality show that will take visitors through the ocean beneath the waves.

Water Show: Aqua Dubai will also feature a brilliant and especially designed water Show that will be displayed on a 100-metre water screen. Lasers and lights will add to the excitement of the show.

From left to right: Sheikh Ali Salman Al Shahri, Proprietor & Chairman of the Board, Al Sharq Group of Investment; Saeed Al Muntafiq, Director General, Dubai Development & Investment Authority; Salem bin Dasmal, Deputy Director General, Dubai Development & Investment Authority.

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