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Rethymno’s Deputy Mayor outlines the city’s appeal and sustainability plans at Serbian workshop

At a recent Belgrade workshop, Deputy Mayor Konstantinos Gasparakis discussed Rethymno’s appeal to Serbian tourists, focusing on sustainability and cultural similarities.

During a recent business-to-business workshop in Belgrade, Serbia, organized by ChooseGreece, Mr. Konstantinos Gasparakis, the Deputy Mayor of Tourism for Rethymno on the island of Crete, Greece, presented his city’s tourism prospects to Serbian travel agents and media representatives. During the event Rethymno highlighted its offerings, aiming to strengthen ties with one of its burgeoning markets—Serbia.

Mr. Gasparakis pointed out the cultural and gastronomical similarities that make Rethymno appealing to Serbian tourists. “The Serbians are one of the newest and strongest markets for Rethymno,” he noted, emphasizing the shared Orthodox Christian faith and the city’s rich religious tourism opportunities, including numerous monasteries and churches.

Rethymno’s diverse landscape, combining sea and mountains, also resonates well with visitors, according to Gasparakis. He described how tourists can enjoy swimming in the sea and shortly after, engage in mountain activities like hiking or dining in picturesque tavernas. This seamless blend of natural beauty and local culture makes Rethymno a versatile destination.

Despite being relatively new in his role, Mr. Gasparakis is not naive about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With a background in environmental and chemical engineering, and considerable experience in tourism, he believes that sustainable tourism is the future trajectory for Rethymno. “Nowadays, we see that tourism turns towards sustainability,” he asserted, highlighting the importance of developing tourism in ways that respect and preserve the environment amidst global climate change concerns.

Moreover, Mr. Gasparakis touched on the city’s status as a certified biking destination. He pointed out that Rethymno, with its over 100 villages connected by roads, naturally offers numerous biking routes. These routes are not just for tourists but are authentic paths used by locals, enhancing the biking experience and further supporting the city’s sustainability efforts.

As Rethymno continues to grow its reputation as a travel destination, the city’s commitment to sustainable practices and the promotion of its natural and cultural assets remains at the forefront of its tourism strategy. This approach not only caters to the market’s demands but also preserves the charm and beauty that Rethymno is celebrated for.

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