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Mantis announces expansion in the Middle East with new eco-resorts

Mantis Al Baha
Mantis Al Baha, rendering (Principle Designer: Tenthouse Structures)

At the Future Hospitality Summit, Mantis revealed plans for strategic growth in the Middle East, focusing on luxury eco-resorts and cultural experiences with new properties in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

LONDON – At The Future Hospitality Summit, Mantis reaffirmed its strategic expansion across the Middle East. By supporting the development of luxury eco-resorts and lodges, as well as  immersive cultural experiences, Mantis is set to introduce its ethos and best practices to its new trio of signings in the region: Hawar Resort by Mantis in Bahrain, Mantis Al Baha in Saudi Arabia and Mantis Saij Mountain Lodge in the United Arab Emirates. These ventures mark a significant milestone in Mantis’ global journey as the brand expands beyond Africa, continuing to redefine luxury hospitality while championing conservation, cultural heritage, and eco-tourism.

“Our expansion into the Middle East signifies a new chapter in Mantis’ legacy of responsible luxury hospitality,” said Craig Erasmus, Vice President of Operations, Mantis. “We curate the connections to inspire our guests to adopt our philosophy, by providing experiences that link them to nature, wildlife and communities. We relish the opportunity to offer guests access to rare encounters and are delighted that we have three distinct properties and destinations in our pipeline. We are working with local partners to create unforgettable experiences that celebrate
the region’s natural wonders and cultural treasures.”

In each hotel destination, Mantis will work closely with local conservation experts and communities to preserve the indigenous fauna and flora, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the natural wonders. Furthermore, Mantis is dedicated to showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of each destination offering guests immersive encounters with vibrant traditions, authentic cuisine and ancient landmarks.

Pipeline Property Highlights
  • Hawar Resort by Mantis (Hawar Island, Bahrain): Nestled on the picturesque west coast of Hawar Island, Hawar Resort by Mantis sets a new standard for eco-conscious luxury. Surrounded by a thriving wildlife sanctuary, this resort is a pioneering endeavour in sustainable hospitality within the Middle East. Scheduled to open in Q3 2024, the resort will boast 102 opulent
    accommodations, complemented by five distinct dining venues and an array of premier leisure facilities.
  • Mantis Al Baha (Saudi Arabia): Mantis Al Baha will offer 100 units, some of which will be operational as early as Q2 2025. The property boasts an extensive adventure park, spa facilities, and a variety of exceptional dining and beverage experiences.
  • Mantis Saij Mountain Lodge (United Arab Emirates): Mantis Saij Mountain Lodge beckons travellers to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and will offer a range of enriching activities, including creative experiences, mindful pursuits and guided treks. The 70 luxurious eco-lodges are crafted from sustainable materials. The anticipated opening date is to be announced soon.
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