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The old-fashioned glamour of flight is brought to mind in the pristine uniforms of the cabin crew. These have had

Αccording the survey published in Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, digital nomads, individuals who leverage technology to work remotely

Today, more data than ever is available to enable operators to budget and forecast based on current conditions rather than

It's worth noting that as of Q4 2023, international flight routes from China to the rest of the world had

The escalation of extreme weather events and environmental emergencies, coupled with the alarming decline in global biodiversity, will pose unparalleled

The recent Earth Day (22nd April) and World Environment Day (5 June) brought with them inevitable stories about shameful greenwashing

The site reached the milestone of one billion user reviews of hotels, restaurants, holiday homes and apartment rentals, and tourist

Data and anecdotal evidence from a range of companies in the accommodation distribution eco-system shows that perhaps both are true

In the year 2019, the diving tourism industry witnessed a growth of approximately 4.9% due to better and quicker air

The UNWTO frequently surveys tourism experts across continents in order to understand their views on when key tourism markets will recover