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Evok announces the opening of Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia

Le Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia

Double Michelin starred chef Philip Chronopoulosopens the Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia.

VENICE, ITALY – Philip Chronopoulos, the double Michelin-starred chef in Paris, announces  the opening of the Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia alongside Evok hospitality group, the team behind the restaurant’s home hotel, Nolinski Venezia. In the heart of the historic Stock Exchange in Venice, which is now the Nolinski Venezia, the restaurant sits in the midst of the city’s beloved historic monuments. In the former Council Chambers auditorium, a new symphony can be heard – that of gastronomy.

In this Byzantine-inspired concept, the tables are dressed in the style of the 19th century, with a sublimated décor designed by Yann Lecoadic and Alessandro Scotto, and the restaurant accommodates approximately  thirty diners. Banquettes and velvet armchairs invite guests, actors and spectators to enjoy the culinary  opera that takes place every evening.

When Chef Philip Chronopoulos’ Greek identity meets Italian generosity and French excellence, a new approach is born, passionately executed by his team. The friendly, attentive service in this impressively majestic setting ensures that every dinner is a truly memorable experience.

A native of Athens, Philip Chronopoulos trained in France at the Bocuse school. His experience of working in pres-tigious establishments instilled in him the technical and managerial qualities essential to becoming a great chef. He became head chef of the Palais Royal Restaurant in 2015, and set himself the personal challenge of writing his own culinary story. He ventured to give it a Greek twist. The mezze at the start of his menu tells the story of his homeland, a childhood memory. Philip Chronopoulos doesn’t aim to impress, he aims to stir the emotions and capture people’s hearts with his soulful cuisine. This is how, in February 2022, he achieved a two-star rating, which he hopes will illuminate the Byzantine domes of the Palais Royal Venezia, the Nolinski Venezia’s gourmet restaurant, for which he is also responsible.

Just a few canals away from St Mark’s Square and La Fenice, the third floor of the historic Stock Exchange, now the Nolinski Venezia, plays host to a new gastronomic destination: Le Palais Royal Restaurant Venezia. Surrounded by Byzantine-style arches, the impressive auditorium of the former Council Chamber can accommodate around thirty diners. The décor designed by the Le Coadic & Scotto duo makes brilliant use of the imposing passageway architecture and the listed lighting fixtures dating from the 1950s to illuminate timeless dinners.

With its focus on Italy, the menu celebrates the richness and simplicity of Italian cuisine. It reflects the very essence of the Palais Royal Restaurant: French excellence, Chef Philip Chronopoulos’s Greek touch and the attentive service of an entire team. Designed around an Italian meal, where several courses are served, the menu recounts a cuisine of emotions, a story of Italy, uncomplicated, comforting and hearty. The chef reinterprets the specialities of the Botte region, such as Venetian-style calf’s liver and artichokes. Seafood has pride of place here, sourced directly from the Venetian fish market, and the quality of the langoustines, lobsters and octopus is unrivaled.

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