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Safety tips when visiting Dallas, TX – From a personal injury lawyer

Always buckle up when in a vehicle to reduce injury risk in a potential accident.

Dallas is an exciting city with lots to see and do, but any busy metropolitan area comes with risks. In this article, Jay Murray Personal Injury Lawyers, a personal injury law firm in Dallas has provided some safety tips to keep in mind during your visit, to help ensure you have an enjoyable time free of accidents.

Watch for traffic
Dallas has its fair share of traffic congestion, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area has some of the busiest roads in the state, making it worse than Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Traffic data shows the Dallas Woodhall Rogers Freeway is ranked the worst road. Worse still, researchers discovered that congestion increased between 2021 and 2022, costing the economy $3.8 billion.

With so much traffic on Dallas’s roads, accidents are bound to happen. In 2021, there were 55,634 reported crashes, of which 324 were fatal. Drivers tend to drive fast and aggressively when they’re delayed.

Use caution when crossing streets, even at crosswalks with signals. Make sure cars are fully stopped before stepping into the roadway. Jaywalking is particularly dangerous in Dallas – five pedestrians were struck and killed during an 11-month period. Wait for the walk signal and cross at intersections. Leave plenty of time to get to destinations in case you hit traffic delays.

Road construction is common, so expect sudden slowdowns. Always buckle up when in a vehicle to reduce injury risk in a potential accident. Speak to a personal injury lawyer if you’re injured in an accident while visiting the city.

Stay alert on public transit
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) provides buses and light rail services. These can be convenient ways to get around, but keep alert just like with driving. Wait for trains and buses in well-lit areas at night. Sit near the driver or conductor and be aware of the emergency intercom if needed. Report any suspicious activity. Keep valuables tucked away securely. Getting on a nearly empty carriage late at night is not advisable. Don’t fall asleep, as you could miss your stop or be vulnerable to crime.

Watch your belongings
Pickpocketing and backpack thefts can happen in crowded areas like the State Fair of Texas. Carry minimal valuables, keep cash in an inside pocket or front wallet, and carry backpacks in front of you. Distribute valuables in different bags or pockets so everything isn’t lost at once. Don’t leave phones or bags unattended to reserve tables or spots in lines. Be savvy about using ATMs and be aware of your surroundings. Trust your instincts if someone seems to be getting too close.

Research neighborhood safety
Some parts of Dallas have higher crime rates than others, with South Boulevard-Park Row and South Dallas the most dangerous neighborhoods. Research the safety of specific neighborhoods and attractions on travel sites and forums before visiting. Avoid poorly lit areas and vacant lots at night. Stick to populated, well-traveled areas. Have your hotel call a rideshare service instead of hailing one on the street.

Don’t venture out alone at night. If you do get lost or find yourself in an unsafe area, get to a public place as soon as possible.

By knowing the risks and following sensible safety measures, you can relax and make the most of your time in Dallas.