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Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board unveils updates and enhancements to the iconic Queen’s Staircase

The Queen's Staircase

The unveiling showcased the comprehensive restoration project launched by NPIPB earlier this year to ensure The Queen’s Staircase’s beauty and legacy for generations to come.

NASSAU – On April 23, the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board (NPIPB) was joined by government officials, hotel partners, key industry partners and media to celebrate the unveiling of the newly updated and restored Queen’s Staircase – an iconic historical landmark in downtown Nassau. The $200,000 initiative began in February 2024, with the goal of restoring the popular landmark to its former glory and preserving its rich history to be enjoyed for future generations.

The Queen's Staircase

The Queen’s Staircase has long been a renowned cultural heritage site in Nassau with its eye-catching architecture and historical significance. Commonly referred to as the 66 steps, the staircase was carved out of limestone in the 1830s by formerly enslaved people, to provide a direct access route between the city of Nassau and the Fort Fincastle at the top of Bennet’s Hill – the highest point in Nassau. It was named in honor of Queen Victoria, who signed a declaration to abolish slavery on her ascension to the throne in 1837. Today The Queen’s Staircase is frequented by locals and visitors who are interested in learning about its unique history and taking in its breathtaking beauty.

Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board CEO Joy Jibrilu said “The Queen’s Staircase has long held a special place in the hearts of Bahamians, as a treasured spot steeped in rich history and architectural splendor. Through our adoption of the Queen’s Staricase to restore and enhance its beauty, we hope that the legacy of the iconic landmark will live on. We are thrilled with the upgrades that have been made with enhanced lighting features, new landscaping and updated signage that enhances The Queen’s Staircase’s appeal and visibility. We also look forward to implementing a monthly maintenance plan that will ensure ongoing preservation of the restored features, making it easier for visitors to learn about the rich history of our country and enjoy the beauty of the restored structure.”

The project serves as a testament to NPIPB’s commitment to improving product quality, development and tourism infrastructure in Nassau and Paradise Island. Working with the Antiquities, Monuments & Museums Corporation, The Bahamas Ministry of Works Elevations Plumbing, and several other Bahamian SMEs, the below upgrades were made to the staircase and the surrounding area:

  • Replacing the damaged pipes, water pump and filter in the water feature and cleaning the waterfall
  • Installing solar LED lighting within the water feature
  • Upgrading lighting systems in the staircase to improve visibility and safety for visitors.
  • Implementing landscaping enhancements to complement the natural beauty of the Queen’s Staircase surroundings.
  • Upgrading site signage & creating an informative plaque detailing the historical significance
  • Implementing effective pest control measures to safeguard the structure.
  • Establishing a routine monthly maintenance schedule