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The Bellezza 24 itinerary, the guide created by Confcommercio Marche Nord, arrives at Palazzo Madama in Rome.

The group of mayors from region Marche.

Senator Antonio De Poli will do the honors.

This year’s special edition features celebrations of new entries, debuts on the web and initiatives to encourage consumption aimed at the usual sign of beauty with the aim of transforming participating municipalities into tourist destinations which alone would be unlikely to be able to make themselves known to the public. of promotion which has proven to be absolutely successful over time and which this year sees four new locations entering the circuit, namely Acqualagna, the famous truffle capital, and Borgo Pace, a small mountain town on the extreme border between Tuscany and Umbria dominated by the hamlet of works from the Romanesque abbey of San Michele Arcangelo.

I had a photo together with Macerata Feltria risen from the rubble of the ancient pitinum and today the most beautiful village in Italy is Carpegna, the green lung of Montefeltro, the first transparent flag for purity and healthiness in the air. last minute Monte Grimano Terme another most beautiful village in Italy from the urban layout is a spiral in Guardia della Valconca on the border with San Marino the 2024 beauty from north to south of the province thus reaches 25 because the new entry They are added to the 20 localities that have gradually joined the project in these seven years, namely Apecchio Cagli Cantiano Colli al Metauro, Fano, Fossombrone Gabicce Mare, Gradara , Mondavio, Pergola San Lorenzo, in Campo Sassocorvaro Auditore, Rovereschi lands Cartoceto, Isola Del Piano, Mondolfo, Marotta, Mombaroccio, Piombico Sinole, more famous Pesaro and Urbino. 

But it’s not enough. In the year of Pesaro the capital of culture, the itinerary also dedicates a substantial section to the capital with a guide intended not only for the events of Rossini’s city but also for the 50 municipalities of the province which from now until the end of 24 will be for a week in turn cultural capitals, an itinerary of beauty as a model to draw inspiration from 

“Definitely yes, ours is an example envied throughout Italy” explains Amerigo Varotti director of Confcommercio Marche Nord. “Is in the same Galaxy with Commercio I am invited more and more often to explain how the itinerary works.

It is in fact considered an experiment More unique than rare, given that not everyone is clear how it is possible to put an effective way online and therefore not only on paper. So many municipalities choose to rely on an atypical body like Confcommercio to promote their territories to manage their museums and tourist offices to communicate to avoid the importance of synergy between public and private. 


Left to right: A. Baldelli, G. Caramnna, A. Varotti, Director Confcommercio Marche Nord. From left: I. Jelinic AD ENIT Rome, Marco Bruschini Director Agency For Tourism nad Internationalization Marche.

It is Senator Antonio De Poli himself, who has always been attentive and sensitive to the needs and expectations of the business world. Today, with this initiative, we present a positive model to be exported at a national level. It is a virtuous example of collaboration between territorial bodies such as municipalities and economic categories as in this case Confcommercio. 

Thanks to this team work between different actors, the development and promotion of a territory is promoted, stimulating interest in the most evocative and fascinating tourist destination in the province on the occasion of Pesaro, capital of culture 24. 

Today more than ever, in my opinion, there is a need to team up between the public and private sectors to create increasingly attractive and competitive tourist destinations and therefore define a 360-degree promotion strategy that primarily involves companies. 

Therefore the local socio-economic fabric, large and small municipalities those indicated in the itinerary immersed in natural parks lying on silent and intact hills or lying on the soft beaches of the Adriatic reveals a synthesis of our beautiful country, a point which from next May it will be possible to visit virtually thanks to the new website whose development is even live. 

Among the new initiatives worth mentioning is also the introduction starting from May of the value and beauty of the local loyalty card which, through a tied Cashback system, will contribute to the relaunch of proximity commerce in Marotti’s elegant and precise way to encourage consumption and retain money from our municipalities by helping to keep alive the commercial activities of the 25 locations on the itinerary, especially the small ones, thus stimulating their economic growth and proposing a concrete alternative to our power of the online platforms of the rest of the itinerary spaces of a few kilometers from the far north to the south.

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