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HOTEL de LEN becomes the first hotel in Cortina to obtain ClimaHotel Certification

Hotel de LEN

Sustainability and well-being in the heart of the Dolomites.

HOTEL de LEN announce it has been awarded the prestigious ClimaHotel Certification – a pledge of quality and respect for the environment – becoming the first accommodation facility in Cortina d’Ampezzo to obtain this recognition.

ClimaHotel is a sustainability protocol developed by the CasaClima Agency that offers hoteliers and owners of hotels practical guidelines to sustainably design and manage new structures as well as refurbish existing ones. This protocol focuses on three assessment areas: overall energy efficiency, environmental impact of building materials and the building’s water usage.

ClimaHotel certified structures are verified by the CasaClima Agency during both the design and construction phases. Once completed, the ClimaHotel label is issued. The certification distinguishes hotel facilities committed to environmental and climate protection. The label is a distinctive sign for guests, helping them choose a sustainable hotel that ensures a low ecological impact and a high level of comfort and quality.

The attainment of the ClimaHotel seal marks a significant moment for HOTEL de LEN and for the entire community of Cortina d’Ampezzo. This recognition represents a guarantee of quality and environmental responsibility, attesting to the hotel’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact through the adoption of efficient energy solutions, the use of renewable sources and the responsible management of resources.

Hotel de LEN

Hotel de LEN, the first ClimaHotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo, is a concrete demonstration of how tourism can be experienced in an environmentally sustainable and guest-friendly manner. The concept of sustainability applies to all aspects of the structure from design to management. With this award, HOTEL de LEN has not only added value to the facility, but also to the guest and the place where it is located.” says Ulrich Santa, General Director of the South Tyrol Energy Agency – CasaClima.

HOTEL de LEN, opened in 2022, has undergone an impressive renovation and extension project, which has ensured high standards of energy and environmental efficiency. The major refurbishment, led by the Venice-based GRIS+DAINESE studio, blends tradition and modernity while respecting the strong local roots.

The name itsef, ‘de LEN’ (meaning ‘of wood’ in Latin[KC2] ), emphasises the importance of wood, the heart and soul of the architectural design and philosophy of the hotel. A renewable and sustainable material, it was not only chosen for its warm and cosy aesthetic, but also for its beneficial properties. The selected woods, spruce first patina and stone pine, promote sleep and reduce stress. From the restaurant, to the bar, to the spa located on the top floor, all the cladding of the spaces has been made from reclaimed wood from old barns and local homes, promoting a circular approach to the use of materials.

Hotel de LEN

In addition, the 22 rooms of HOTEL de LEN are SOLS (Swiss Optimal Living Society) certified and designed to provide an optimal environment for rest and recuperation. Thanks to innovative technologies such as Magma13, Orpheus and Astreo, guests can enjoy a rejuvenating sleep experience. Magma13 redirects energy to promote deep sleep, while Orpheus and Astreo protect against the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, helping to create an extremely relaxing environment.

The hotels’ sustainable approach can also be seen in their heating and hot water production. In fact, HOTEL de LEN is powered by a biomass generation plant, which provides over 98% of hot water and heating from renewable sources.

We are proud to be recognised as pioneers of sustainability in Cortina d’Ampezzo and we intend to continue on this path, maintaining our commitment to the protection and enhancement of the Ampezzo territory.” said Carla Medri, Hotel Manager of the HOTEL de LEN.

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