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Unexpected layovers: Tips for tourists to survive the interim

We’ve got a few suggestions for you to help you survive even the most awkward, lonely, or boring layover.

We’ve all faced the prospect of an unexpected layover. As travel becomes more ubiquitous around the world, there are more flights than ever before. They cross continents and regions alike, ferrying travelers from one side of the planet to the next. Delays are inevitable.

In most cases, these types of surprise layovers can’t be avoided. They’re the result of other delays, which stack up to create even more issues later on in the day. Layovers might also happen because pilots need breaks or need to switch roles. Regardless of why a layover happens, it’s best to go with the flow and adapt.

But not all layovers are easy to ignore. In fact, it’s become quite common for tourists to face overnight delays that see them marooned in a strange city for the night or in a boring airport for the day. As many know, it can be a particularly exhausting experience—especially if comes at the tail-end of a long trip.

We’ve got a few suggestions for you to help you survive even the most awkward, lonely, or boring layover. We’ve split up our advice into overnight layovers, midday delays, and early morning hiccups.

Overnight layovers: How to survive the lonely hotel room
Few travelers enjoy heading to a lonely hotel room to wait out an early morning taxi ride back to the airport—and who can blame them? If you’ve already been missing your loved ones and have been looking forward to returning home, this can be a demoralizing experience. Here’s how to skirt past that.

First, treat yourself to a bit of downtime. Most hotels include cable and basic streaming services, which can help you find a show or movie that comforts you. If that’s not your thing, then consider an exciting and entry-level gaming option, like virtual casinos.

These are accessible almost anywhere in the world, allowing you to sample roulette, slots, blackjack, and other favorites. Additionally, most platforms roll out welcome bonuses and deals that you can use on the best live casino sites offered here. All you have to do is sign up to transport yourself out of the hotel room and onto the casino floor.

Early morning layovers: How to get the most of a last-minute adventure
If you’re facing an extensive stint at the airport thanks to a delay, then consider jumping ship to enjoy one last adventure in the city. Whether or not you’ve already spent time in the area, there’s probably at least one thing you left off your itinerary—whether eating at a famous restaurant, checking out a gallery, or visiting a museum. Now’s the time to double back and cross that experience off your checklist.

Many airports now offer public transport, which can even help you save on taxi rides to and from the airport. Before you leave, however, make sure that you’ve spoken to a representative from the airline and that they’re aware that you’ll be leaving the grounds. Sometimes, airlines make last-minute changes that might affect the trajectory of your layover.

Midday layovers: How to make yourself at home—at the airport
The most common type of layover is the midday delay that prevents you from heading to a hotel for the night or heading back into town. In these cases, you might be facing up to eight hours stuck in an airport. Depending on the airport, that could spell a slow-moving, boring disaster.

Shopping is a good option that will also get you moving, which can be a great way to burn off some unwanted energy. Depending on your airline and number of miles, you might be able to slink away into a spa or lounge—which we highly recommend. As with staying in a hotel, you might be tempted to stream videos or play a few games. However, most airport Wi-Fi is public, meaning the connection probably isn’t good—or secure.