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Top eight leading hospitality and tourism jobs in 2024

Hospitality and tourism jobs offer several career opportunities to learners.

Hospitality and tourism jobs offer a collaborative environment where you can improve your skills. These career pathways offer a great experience to people who thrive in this energetic environment. The hospitality and tourism industry is a key pillar of the UK’s economic success.

An analysis of 2023 given by Financial Fairness Trust says that around 3.2 million people chose the hospitality career pathway, which generated £39 billion in taxation for the government. This statistical analysis says a lot about the importance of choosing this career. It increases students’ passion for opting for this degree.

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Keep reading to learn about leading jobs in hospitality and tourism.

What is a hospitality and tourism career
There are various jobs in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. The employee is focused on marketing and operating restaurants, management, recreation activities, conventions, etc. You make your clients feel at home by providing the utmost satisfying services. The salary for hospitality and tourism jobs may vary depending on the particular department you are working in. As per hospitality management degrees, front desk clerks can earn $33,051, and an assistant restaurant manager’s salary is $41,095; however, a guest services manager makes $36,060. In the end, it’s your expertise and academic excellence that will help you get a good position.

A list of top eight hospitality and tourism jobs
Owing to the continued growth in hospitality and tourism management jobs, there is an increasing demand for skilled labourers. Does it sound familiar and existing to you? There is nothing better than exploring career opportunities. With this knowledge, you can get involved and advance your career. Here, we provide a hospitality and tourism job list that can offer you good options.

1. Banquet & Conferences servers
The jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry offer various valuable options. The banquet conference employment is among high-energy careers. These servers provide exemplary services at conferences, weddings, and other special occasions. They greet guests and ensure everyone is served with the food and water timely. You can call them being responsible for maintaining high-quality customer service.

  • Average salary: £28,436 per annum.
  • Preferred education: Bachelors in Hospitality.

2. Restaurant management
A restaurant manager takes on numerous responsibilities such as managing employees, recruiting, generating financial reports, handling complaints, and overseeing all operations. They may also ensure the health and safety of operations. By providing exceptional customer service, they make sure that clients are happy with their experience. You must consider this option among hospitality and tourism jobs if you are passionate about polishing your management skills.

  • Average salary: £31,321 per annum.
  • Preferred education: Bachelor or Associate Degree in Hospitality.

3. Resort management
Jobs in hospitality and tourism can make you a skilled person with time. Additional experience can uplift your profile worth. As a resort manager, you will be responsible for the entire running of the resort and ensuring that all the resort operations are working up to the mark. The duties include human resources, customer service, F&B, housekeeping supplies, marketing, accounting, etc.

  • Average salary: £31,270 per annum.
  • Preferred education: Bachelor’s in Business, Management, Health Care Administration, Hospitality, and Accounting.

4. Front office receptionist
The front desk representative in tourism and hospitality jobs is the first person of contact to whom clients contact in a business. They answer their phone calls, receive emails, and assist with maintaining office supplies. You will be like the face of the company and responsible for making a good first impression in the eyes of visitors. Some of the noticeable responsibilities of these employees in hospitality and tourism jobs include:

  • Keep an updated record of files.
  • Monitor all the office expenses.
  • Address all the complaints.

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  • Average salary: £11.10 per hour.
  • Preferred education: A High School Diploma and Bachelor’s in Business, Psychology, General Studies or Health Care Administration.

5. Spa and wellness management
When considering hospitality and tourism job options, Spa management can be the easiest job. A spa director deals with all the aspects of running a spa, including finances, staff, and facility management. You will take on all the responsibilities related to hiring, interviewing, training, staff-related issues, etc. When you train a staff member, they will be aware of their role and responsible for attending to related responsibilities.

  • Average salary: £30,000 per year or £15.38 per hour.
  • Preferred education: A Minimum of Bachelor’s in Business, Management, Human Resources, or a Related Area.

6. Air cabin crew
The air cabin crew helps in creating a pleasant environment for the passengers on board. They address various queries and offer related assistance. Some of the top responsibilities of such practitioners include,

  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Serve food or beverages on demand of passengers.
  • Stick to the regulations and procedures.
  • Prepare reports of significant happenings on the board.

This hospitality and tourism jobs sector offers diverse opportunities for global exploration, maintaining international travel and enhancing the overall production. You may be appointed as an international, national or regional airline employee depending on the role assigned or the expertise you own.

  • Average salary: £17,000 to £24,000 per annum.
  • Preferred education: A High School Degree with Two or More Years of College Education.

7. Consulting
It is one of the top-tier options for availing yourself of hospitality and tourism career cluster jobs. A consultant can improve the company’s position by helping to solve its problems and improve efficiency. They offer valuable advice to clients. The ultimate intent is to increase the company’s profit by attracting people. Typically, they conduct research, analyse statistics, detect issues, and analyse ways to resolve them.

  • Average salary: £66,395 per annum.
  • Preferred education: A Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Finance, and Business Administration.

8. Cruises
These are the ship workers who provide service to cruise ship passengers. They may be responsible for hosting several special events on board, including group exercise classes, guest performers, and an occasional conga line. Other duties may involve maintaining ship cabins, leading shipboard activities, taking note of ship operations, etc.

  • Average salary: £19,000 per annum.
  • Preferred education: A High School Education with a Focus on Sociology, Geography and Foreign Language.

Hospitality and tourism jobs offer several career opportunities to learners. In the guide above, we have discussed the top 8 pathways that you can choose. All of the job descriptions, along with the key responsibilities, are given. If you are pursuing a similar degree and are unsure which career is good to pursue, have a look at these available options.

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