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Agreement with FSUE provides information for airports in Russian Federation

Navtech to add Russian airport data to all products

Navtech, Inc., a leader in flight operations software and services, has signed an agreement with FSUE Centre of Aeronautical Information in Moscow for the supply of domestic airport data for the countries of the Russian Federation. Through the agreement, Navtech’s customers will have complete coverage of all domestic and international airports. The information will debut in Navtech’s acclaimed FMS Navigation Databases, but will ultimately be included in the entire portfolio of Navtech products.

“This is a significant milestone toward our goal of complete worldwide coverage in all Navtech products,” said Mike Hulley, Navtech CEO. “The Russian Federation is an increasingly important and busy area of the world. Combining this new information with the expertise of the Navtech navigation data staff provides a powerful new level of service for our customers.”

Navtech pioneered the development of navigation data for flight management computer systems more than 25 years ago. Now, more than 150 airlines rely upon Navtech to supply their data. Airlines that use such systems as General Electric Aviation Systems, CMC Electronics, Honeywell, Thales, as well as Universal Avionics and others receive regular updates with all the data required for their routings. The data is loaded in the systems, enabling the pilots to simply choose their destination and get all the appropriate navigational information – including data for take-offs and landings.

Navtech navigation databases are managed, maintained and process by an experienced team of experts in analysis, handling and processing of navigation data. The data is updated and maintained in accordance with the 28-day AIRNC update schedule.

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