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New contracts for Emirates engineering

Five new engineering contracts have been awarded to Emirates<.> Engineering — whose latest high-tech maintenance facility opened…

Five new engineering contracts have been awarded to Emirates<.> Engineering — whose latest high-tech maintenance facility opened for business last week.

Last Wednesday engineers from the Dubai-based international airline started their first-ever major maintenance check for an outside customer, a 4C check on a Lauda Air Boeing 777 which will remain in the new US$ 4.5m computer-controlled aircraft dock for 18 days.

The giant 330-tonne dock adjusts automatically to give engineers safe access to all areas of customers` different aircraft at up to 60 feet above the ground.

As the world`s most versatile multi-aircraft dock, it has expanded Emirates` heavy maintenance capability, putting it in pole position to win third-party work from customers across the region, and reinforcing Dubai`s role as a global aviation hub.

As well as Lauda Air, Emirates has new contracts with Switzerland`s Balair (Boeing 757 line maintenance); Malaysian Airlines (Airbus maintenance); and the UK`s Airtours and Air 2000, (Boeing 767 line maintenance technical handling).

In an unusual arrangement, a licensed Emirates engineer flies from Sharjah to Goa and back on Balair`s weekly Boeing 757, providing technical support throughout the flight.

Adel Al Redha, Head of Emirates Engineering, said: Last year when we first did this, Balair admired our versatility. Now they have signed up for the winter, which may make them the first customer for this unique service.

Malaysian has contracted for line maintenance technical handling of its A330 flights to Istanbul via Dubai, giving Emirates its third A330 external contract, as well as Thai and Swissair. UK charter firms Airtours and Air 2000 have signed Emirates for technical handling on their Boeing 767 flights to Male, Maldives.

Senior Emirates engineer Colin Disspain, whose responsibilities include winning third party work, said: This is testimony to our ability to meet customer needs. We now have contracts with 30 airlines, earning us more than $3 million a year.

To highlight Engineering`s expertise and market its services, 2,000 copies of a new full colour brochure have been produced for the Air Show. It covers:

base maintenance, marketing the new aircraft dock and the experience gained from 120 major checks on Emirates` own fleet since the airline began;

four workshops for avionics, engines, structures and cabin overhaul;

engineering training for airlines flying Airbuses and Boeing 777s;

a project team to coordinate new aircraft acceptance and delivery.

Mr Al Redha said: Our superbly-trained engineers and new facilities have greatly enhanced our marketability with external customers. At the same time we continue to provide Emirates with the best possible and most cost-effective engineering maintenance support.

New maintenance facilities are also on the way for the Airbus A380 double-decker aircraft.