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Continental receives fourth 737-900 from Boeing

The Boeing Company delivered the 100th Next-Generation 737 airplane to Continental Airlines<.>

The Boeing Company delivered the 100th Next-Generation 737 airplane to Continental Airlines<.>. Gordon Bethune, Continental Airlines chairman and CEO, was present to receive the airline`s fourth 737-900.

Continental is the first domestic customer to operate three of the four Next-Generation 737 models: the 737-700, 737-800 and the 737-900. The newly designed airplanes fly higher, faster, quieter and with greater fuelefficiency than previous 737 models and the competition. In addition to its four 737-900s, Continental operates 60 737-800s and36 737-700s. This is the second largest fleet of Next-Generation 737s in the world behind that of Southwest Airlines. Continental has an additional 11 737-900s on order, six for delivery in2001 and five in 2002. Also on order are 33 737-800s and five 737-700s.

At 138 feet 2 inches, the 737-900 is the longest of the fourNext-Generation 737 models and seats the most passengers. As configured byContinental, the airplane carries 167 passengers in a two-class configuration,17 more seats than its similarly configured 737-800s, and 43 more than its737-700s. The increased passenger capacity gives the 737-900 the lowest operating costs per seat of any single-aisle airplane in its class. The 737-900 delivered to Continental today features a fourth lavatorylocated in the mid-cabin for increased passenger convenience. Since June,deliveries of 737-800s to Continental also have featured a mid-cabin lavatory.