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Trabacus launches first "independent" system

Trabacus is -uniquely- an ‘open source’ system. This means the company that buys it actually owns the source software which it can then develop to fit its growing needs at any time.

Travel companies have the freedom to develop their own travel systems for the first time following the launch of Trabacus this month. This means they can change it in any way they want, fine tuning all aspects of it such as reservations or accounts to their exact requirements, without running up huge bills.

This is because Trabacus is -uniquely- an ‘open source’ system. This means the company that buys it actually owns the source software which it can then develop to fit its growing needs at any time. With all other such systems the customer only buys a licence to use it. All extra work is done by the software the company that supplies I.T. with all that means in terms of time scales and costs.

Developed in India, Trabacus was launched this month, appointing Travel Systems Associates as its European general sales agency.

Said TSA’s managing director Richard Bristow: “We can see an exact parallel in the mobile phone market. The Android system became dominant worldwide because it is an open system – anyone can develop an app and they have done so. At the last count there were over 700,000 available”.

Trabacus believes this is the future for travel systems; enabling companies to either own the source code of the software if they buy it, or rent it with no capital expenditure and monthly fees starting at of around £80 per user, with public cloud hosting included.

Added Richard Bristow: “The old model of paying a fortune up front to buy a licence and then more each time you need some work done is no longer sustainable. Open source software is the future – and Trabacus is the first travel system to offer it”.

The operating system can easily be learned by in-house system developers. New features that are specific to the user company’s business can be added in a matter of hours rather than being developed by external suppliers at very high cost and to their schedules rather than to the users. Typically this will save travel businesses tens of thousands of pounds annually plus the cost savings of initial development amounting to six figure sums. Having your own in-house booking system at an affordable cost is now a reality.

Trabacus is a fully fledged travel system aimed at tour operators and travel agents with functions including reservations, a full set of accounting ledgers, CRM, and human resources, with a choice of customer’s API/XML connection.

Vicky Karantzavelou
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