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EuroStar presents ‘Tread light Initiative’ at the ANTOR Green seminar

EuroStar is joining ANTOR Green seminar by presenting Tread Lightly Initiative which is part of Eurostar’s sustainability program. “We believe that global warming is real and that travelling is a contributing factor in climate change says," Tim Hackett, Account Manager EuroStar. “But we also know that staying at home isn’t an appealing solution, and that travel by Eurostar helps to make sure you have a much smaller impact on the planet than flying between our destinations”.

ANTOR seminar will be held on 23 April in Sydney will discuss the range of vital issues facing the tourism industry midst a changing, fragile environment.

This is a major opportunity for members of the travel industry to discuss the implications of tourism on the environment, the tourism industry’s responsibilities, what the industry can do to minimise its environmental impact and to look at sustainable tourism options.

Key speakers include:

  • Dr Danuser, CEO of St Moritz Tourism; St Moritz’s clean energy project.
  • Professor Michael Hall, the College of Business Economics at New Zealand’s Canterbury University; the intrinsic value of our natural environments.
  • Guy Olian, Director of Cleaner Climate; energy reduction programs.
  • Christopher Zinn, media spokesperson, Choice the use of ‘green’ and ‘eco’ terms in marketing.
  • Marianne Nalletamby, Marketing and PR Manager Scandinavian Airlines, Green flights
  • Tim Hackett, Account Manager EuroStar, Tread Lightly Initiative