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PATA Board holds successful meeting in Taipei

The Pacific Asia Travel Association, (PATA<.>) Board of Directors held a fruitful meeting in Taipei, September 22-23, where they discussed PATA business and made plans for the future

The Pacific Asia Travel Association, (PATA<.>) Board of Directors held a fruitful meeting in Taipei, September 22-23, where they discussed PATA business and made plans for the future. Some 110 board members, committee members and spouses travelled to Taipei from 19 different countries.

"Particularly after the events of September 11, it was critical for our members to come together," said Mr. Joseph A. McInerney, PATA CEO. "We were all pleased with the turnout and high level of participation."

Among the highlights of the board and committee meetings:

The Research Committee reported that PATA's Strategic Information Centre has commissioned a paper in response to the September 11 attacks. The paper will include an analysis of the current situation, three scenarios for the future and, most importantly, the strategic implications the recent events will have for the travel industry. The paper, expected to be completed by October 15, will be updated monthly or as events ensue.

PATA's carrier members noted the far-reaching implications of the terrorist attacks and issued the following statement: "Of vital importance now are the actions taken for the safety and security of airline passengers. We feel that, along with the carriers, respective governments should be involved in ensuring air travel security."

PATA 2001/2002 Chairman Mr. John Sandford reported on the executive search for a new CEO. Six candidates are going through two rounds of interviews, and the short-listed candidates will undergo a third round next month. The Executive Search Committee and the PATA Executive Committee will present their recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval in mid- to late-October.

Mr. McInerney, who is leaving the Association at the end of this month, was named a PATA Life Member by the PATA Board of Directors. Life Membership is the highest honour granted by the Association.

The Board of Directors approved an amendment to the Chapters Membership restructure programme. Among the changes that were adopted: for the Americas, Europe and developed chapters in the Asia and Pacific divisions, the period of compliance (for chapter members to become full PATA members) has been extended one year, to 2003; for developing chapters, the compliance period has been extended to 2005; in all chapters, retail travel agents, students and media can remain as chapter-only members yet their membership will count towards the full membership requirement. All chapters will receive notice of the amendment from their respective divisional offices.

The Marketing Committee identified security, airlift and the restoration of confidence as three focus areas for recovery. PATA is seeking positive stories from members to assist with the rebuilding of confidence; reports of community involvement and tolerance, reports of successful visits, etc. may be submitted to the PATA Communications Department at or fax: (66-2) 658-2010.

The next PATA Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for January 18-20, 2001 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The April 2002 meeting will be held in New Delhi, India, and the September 2002 meeting will take place in Manila, Philippines.

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