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eLSG.SkyChefs and Scanpak partner to provide a revolutionary trolley

eLSG.SkyChefs<.>, the first total e-business solution provider to the airline catering industry, announced a long-term agreement with…

eLSG.SkyChefs<.>, the first total e-business solution provider to the airline catering industry, announced a long-term agreement with Scanpak Inc. to offer airlines an Internet-based solution to track catering trolleys throughout an airline`s global catering network.

Scanpak specialises in Wireless Networks, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems, RF Applications, Barcoding, Labelling, Thermal Printing, and Application Integration to provide industry-leading data collection and asset management solutions worldwide. Scanpak`s Galley Equipment Tracking System (GETS) is designed to track airline catering trolleys worldwide using sophisticated RFID technology.

In addition to the comprehensive suite of in-flight, equipment and procurement solutions available to airlines via a single access point on the Web, eLSG.SkyChefs is now integrating the only global trolley tracking solution with proven RFID technology. The solution can significantly reduce trolley loss and maintenance costs, while optimising trolley equipment distribution throughout an airline`s global network.

The loss of trolley equipment is a substantial problem for airlines, but with the Scanpak agreement, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution to tightly control trolley management and ultimately reduce in-flight operations costs, said Tony Naylor, vice president of in-flight solutions for eLSG.SkyChefs. We are confident in Scanpak`s proven technology to effectively deliver an integrated trolley tracking solution to our airline customers.

Scanpak has already successfully deployed its GETS solution to Air Canada on a worldwide basis. As such, there are more than 138 GETS units installed, tested and supported in airline catering facilities around the world.

Our strategy to reduce costs and gain transparency of our in-flight operations and equipment resulted in our decision to deploy Scanpak`s GETS solution, said Haydn Baggoo, Air Canada`s Manager, Materials & Equipment for In-Flight Service. After seeing the positive results and impact on Air Canada, I suggest that any airline interested in reducing operational costs strongly consider this solution.

The trolley tracking solution is comprised of an RFID transmitter tag secured on each trolley and a corresponding receiver capable of accurately accounting for each tagged trolley entering and exiting catering stations around the world. The installation is completed by a Web application that enables the airline to access its equipment status in real-time from anywhere in the world via the eLSG.SkyChefs Web site.

With the eLSG.SkyChefs solution, airlines will be able to improve the allocation and management of catering equipment, reduce equipment-related flight delays and reduce the need to purchase new trolleys. As an added advantage, the system is able to track the performance and common defects of various trolley types/manufacturers, enabling airlines to objectively evaluate their suppliers. Trolley maintenance records also are tracked, and preventive maintenance can be easily scheduled to ensure equipment safety and extend the life of the equipment. The eLSG.SkyChefs trolley tracking solution is fully supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and includes complete hands-on training.

We chose to partner with eLSG.SkyChefs because of their knowledge and expertise of the airline in-flight industry, as well as its strong existing customer base, said Valerio Lanzieri, president of Scanpak. The integrated set of operational solutions offered by eLSG.SkyChefs is a perfect complement to our already developed, tested and deployed GETS technology.

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