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Germany as a destination for children and young people

At the ITB 2007 Mecklenburg-West Pomerania received the German Youth Travel Award for providing the best range of tourism attractions in Germany for young people, and this year, for the second time, it is acting as the ITB’s partner state at the YIG Germany Youth Travel Pavilion. The acronym YIG stands for Youth Incoming Germany.

YIG focuses on international experts

The traditional YIG opening tour with the world organisation for youth, student and educational travel, the WYSE Travel Confederation, will be taking place on the opening day of the ITB Berlin, 5 March 2008. This will be followed by the British Reception at the YIG Lounge at which the guest of honour will be the Director of the German National Tourist Board (DZT), Udo Grebe from London. He will be informing German YIG exhibitors about the specific features of Britain as a source market, and will be welcoming British trade visitors who have come to Berlin this year at the invitation of the British Educational Travel Association (BETA), whose remit covers travel both to and from the UK.

Since the start of the new millennium language and student travel, both incoming and outgoing, has been recording double-digit growth, not only internationally but also in Germany.

Mecklenburg-West Pomerania opens its doors to the youth of the world

“Aktuelle Stunde” is the name of an event at the ITB Berlin dealing with the latest developments, and on Thursday, 6 March 2008, it will feature the state in the north-eastern corner of Germany, represented by Permanent Secretary Reinhard Meyer, and the WYSE Travel Confederation, represented by its Director General David Jones. In future the state and the organisation will be intensifying their collaboration. Travel by children and young people is seen as offering a considerable international potential. This event will indicate some of the possibilities available to destinations outside the major cities in their efforts to acquire a larger share of international travel by children and young people. It will show the kind of products that need to be developed, the required quality standards and the networks that can assist in the process.

The YIG success story

This year the YIG, which has been extended to five days, will feature 25 suppliers. Terra Lu Travel has been a consistent participant in the YIG and this year will be focusing on the expanding sector of “religious tourism” and pilgrimages. On behalf of the town of Wittenberg with its strong associations with Martin Luther, and the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Terra Lu is turning its exclusive attention to foreign markets in connection with the Luther Decade, in preparation for the Luther Year 2017. Also taking part for the fourth time: DB Klassen- und Jugendgruppenreisen GmbH, which can provide travel to all destinations in Germany which are served by the railway network.