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WTM 2002: Themed hotels offer `tremendous commercial opportunities` on the Palm

The enormous commercial possibilities presented to hoteliers by The Palm has been a highlight to visitors on the stand of the…

The enormous commercial possibilities presented to hoteliers by The Palm has been a highlight to visitors on the stand of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) at World Travel Market taking place in London this week.

Following the hugely successful sale of residential properties and the equally successful sale of the 9 hotel plots on the trunk of the development earlier this year, The Palm team are now actively demonstrating the potential of the hotel plots on The Crescent to WTM visitors. The Crescent is the protective breakwater that surrounds the island and which offers hoteliers a further 40 hotel plots.

Dubai has quickly established itself as a world class tourist destination, says Saif Sultan Al Shamsi, Managing Director – Commercial, of The Palm. Excellent infrastructure, a wealth of varied experiences for visitors and first class accommodation has put the emirate firmly on the map. With the creation of The Palm, Dubai will improve further the infrastructure, range of experience and accommodation available to discerning tourists. By offering hotel operators the opportunity to own, not simply operate, hotels on The Palm we are providing them with a wonderful incentive to capitalise fully on Dubai`s tourism boom. According to studies, tourism to the emirate is growing exponentially with the current number of visitors standing at 5 million due to reach 10 million by 2007 and an incredible 40 million by 2015.

Working with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Saif Sultan Al Shamsi adds, We have already seen enormous interest from hoteliers in The Palm and the WTM is providing an excellent forum for further discussions with international hoteliers.

The Palm has already seen incredible interest in the development from tour operators.

Its unique shape, the abundance of sandy beaches and the wonderful facilities attached to The Palm have generated tremendous enthusiasm among tour operators. Many of whom are more than eager to include The Palm in their tour packages.

Hoteliers will be able to choose from a range of 40 country themes and four styles of guest experiences proposed by developers. The combination of theme and type of guest experience at each hotel will ensure the development provides a unique form of escape tourism just off the Dubai coast.

The 40 country themes suggested for the exclusive boutique hotels range from Greek to Taiwanese, New Guinean, Mexican, Hawaiian, Australian, Moroccan, Tahitian, Goan, Tanzanian, Cuban and Sicilian to name a few.

The four types of guest experience suggested to complement these uniquely themed hotels are `Tranquility`, `Pampered`, `Social` and `Health`. The tranquility guest experience is expected to allow for seclusion and could for example take the form of a bungalow with a pristine view of nature. The social guest experience will be an exciting social style of environment where people will go to meet friends and family.

Each hotel on The Palm, Jumeirah Crescent will have a maximum of 200 rooms, will occupy approximately 511,000 sq ft of space and be a maximum of three stories high.

We believe that with the huge variety of experiences available, visitors will want to revisit The Palm time and time again, says Al Shamsi. It provides the ultimate getaway destination but with all of the benefits of Dubai`s cosmopolitan environment and facilities on hand. The cool white sand of more than 120km of newly created beach following completion of The Palm offers a wonderful invitation to visitors seeking any particular travel experience.

Work is also continuing on the second of the islands The Palm, Jebel Ali which will feature a wealth of `Destination` opportunities. It will be home to the region`s first water theme park with dolphins and killer whales and will also host an eighteen-hole golf course.

Photo: Representing The Palm at the World Travel Market in London this week is Saif Sultan Al Shamsi, Managing Director – Commercial for The Palm