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USA: Nationwide promotion kicks off National Tourism Week

In a major promotional blitz to kick-off National Tourism Week, more than 200 travel organizations…

In a major promotional blitz to kick-off National Tourism Week, more than 200 travel organizations celebrated National Traveler`s Appreciation Day on May 4 by distributing more than 3 million bookmarks to travelers that say It`s Your Country. See It. Many of the bookmarks had special offers on the back. Designed to thank travelers for their business, the campaign also marks the last phase in an intensive recovery effort by the industry to get travel back to normal. National Tourism Week will be celebrated from May 4-12, 2002.

For one day, destinations and travel organizations from coast-to-coast directly reached more than 3 million travelers through the bookmark campaign to say thanks for traveling again and, in many cases, to offer great deals enticing them to travel even more. Organizations included airlines, museums, hotels, campgrounds, rental cars, federal agencies, convention and visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce, state tourism offices, cruise lines, attractions, shopping centers, tour operators, travel agencies and industry trade associations.

This is an especially important year for the industry to come together and speak with one voice. This bookmark campaign is the perfect example of how an industry can do so much individually and collectively to change its fortunes, remarked William S. Norman, president and CEO of the Travel Industry Association of America.

The travel industry has been steadily recovering from the effects of a sluggish economy and the events of September 11, and all indications are pointing to a healthy summer travel season. In fact, TIA`s latest Traveler Sentiment Index shows that consumers are becoming more positive about their interest in taking leisure trips, as well as about their ability to travel based on their free time and finances. Consumers want to travel but they are looking for deals. And that`s the beauty of the It`s Your Country. See It bookmark campaign because, in many cases, the deals are right on the back of the bookmark.