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In terms of the power of social media to influence holiday bookings, the generational split is vast. Almost two thirds

The main incentive for all respondents to pay more and fly business or first class is the ability to lie

When it comes to a long weekend trip, defined as an extra day added to a weekend, Americans aren't afraid

The recent Travelzoo Summer 2017 Travel Trends Survey found 53% of people have taken a trip to strengthen their relationship.

Nearly half of those surveyed said that President Trump's election made them more reluctant to travel to parts of the

Spain, the USA, France and Germany top the list of destinations Britons plan to book in 2017, however the Travelzoo

During the event hour, Travelzoo's travel deal experts, alongside Samantha Brown, will be standing by to answer live questions and

WTM LONDON 2016 - LONDON - REPORT: The majority of UK tourists (77%) who participated in the survey believe machines

Travelzoo survey reveals over a third of British respondents believe the UK should follow France's lead and deploy similar security

Travelzoo survey reveals impact to tourism in a post-Brexit Britain. Although almost 75% of the UK’s international visitors come from