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1000MTG unveils revolutionary travel booking platform: 1000Access


1000Access, powered by Sabre, helps new and independent travel consultants book simple trips fast.

1000 Mile Travel Group (1000MTG) announces the launch of a groundbreaking travel booking solution, 1000Access, alongside travel technology partner, Sabre. Integrated with the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS), and utilizing Sabre Red Launchpad technology, this innovative platform is set to redefine the industry standard by providing travel advisors with a seamless travel booking experience.

Providing a consumer-grade user interface, 1000Access makes it easy for independent travel advisors, to book trips quickly. At launch, 1000MTG travel advisors can shop, book and ticket traditional air content, NDC offers, and low-cost carrier XML options. Over time, 1000MTG will activate additional capabilities, including hotel and ground transportation content.

“1000Access represents a paradigm shift in booking travel, blending cutting-edge technology with personalized support to revolutionize the travel advisory booking experience,” says Ben Ross, 1000MTG Co-founder and CEO.

1000Access empowers advisors with an array of unparalleled benefits, including:

  • 24/7 automated ticketing capabilities
  • Varying and transparent commission rates
  • Access to a dedicated Global Fares Desk Manager
  • Regional Team Leaders supported by a ticketing team
  • Comprehensive after-hours support and phone assistance for urgent same-day departures
  • Dedicated assistance from a 1000Access Account Manager during the first month of trading
  • Streamlined reporting for Virtuoso members

“Customer-centricity and collaboration are part of Sabre’s DNA. We are proud to partner with 1000MTG to power its 1000Access application. As an early adopter of Sabre Red Launchpad, 1000MTG provided critical insights that helped us go from concept to working code in mere months,” said Kathy Morgan, Vice President of Product Management, Distribution Experience, Sabre Travel Solutions. “As one of our early adopters, we look forward to incorporating additional feedback from 1000Access users to refine our offering before it’s generally available later this year.”

1000Access will be available to a wide audience, including: 1000MTG travel advisors who receive the platform as part of their membership; Virtuoso members; and mid-sized agencies in North America, with other regions to follow.

“Being a part of Virtuoso’s carefully curated list of Air Preferred Partners allows us to offer our clients an air solution that’s tailored to meet their agencies’ specific requirements, regardless of whether they join 1000MTG or not,” says Nicola Veltman, 1000MTG Co-founder and CEO.

“With a commitment to upskilling advisors, 1000Access offers extensive training and support resources, including new member implementation meetings, tool training sessions, and ongoing access to support videos, guides, and webinars,” says Christy Shafer, 1000MTG’s Senior VP and General Manager, North America.

With plans to launch into the United Kingdom and Australia later this year, and with the roll out of additional features including VIP White Glove Service, plus chatbot functionality, 1000Access is ‘air made easy’.

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