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What do you expect the impact of war to be on your segment?

AH&LA is currently meeting with industry leaders and hotel executives to address industry (as well as guests’) concerns. This ad hoc group is developing strategies to assess the immediate needs of the hotel community. However, if a war were to occur, the lodging industry is prepared to continue providing the best service to our guests. This includes accommodating any cancellations, forfeits, penalties, etc.

What actions do you expect your segment to take to help business?

AH&LA is currently surveying the associations’ members (as well as major hotel companies) to assess the steps they’re taking to prepare for a potential security crisis. The areas referenced include emergency crisis communications plans, safety and security policies, guests’ responses, and guest promotions. We also are reviewing reservation cancellation policies.

Since September 11, 2001, many member hotel properties evaluated and improved their security policies, which now includes counteracts toward a terrorism crisis situation. These measure help ensure the safety of hotel employees and guests.