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Tragic incident at Boise Airport: Construction Hangar collapse results in fatalities and injuries

Boise Airport

The incident did not affect the operations of Boise Airport.

In a distressing turn of events, a construction hangar at Boise Airport, Idaho collapsed on Wednesday, resulting in three dead and nine in critical condition, according to city officials. The Boise Fire Department, responding to the emergency at around 5 p.m. local time, was called to a private business within the airport’s vicinity where the steel-framed structure had given way.

Operations Chief Aaron Hummel of the Boise Fire Department, addressing the media, described the situation as “chaotic” and the collapse as a “large-scale” and “catastrophic” event. While initial reports did not confirm fatalities, the City of Boise later announced that three individuals had been declared deceased at the site. Among the nine injured, five were critically wounded and have been hospitalized.

Boise Airport

The identities of the victims are yet to be disclosed.

Terra Furman, a witness on the nearby Interstate 84, reported seeing a chaotic scene with emergency vehicles surrounding what appeared to be a severely damaged crane and a partially collapsed building. Chief Hummel further revealed that some victims were on elevated platforms or hoists when the structure fell, necessitating specialized rescue operations. A crane was also reported to have collapsed in the incident.

Leticia Ramirez, representing Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, confirmed that their emergency and trauma teams were actively collaborating with first responders to provide medical care to the injured.

The construction was not an airport project, Rebecca Hupp, the airport director, said during the news conference.

The incident, notably, did not affect the operations of Boise Airport. However, it underscores the importance of workplace safety, especially in high-stakes environments like airports. The ongoing investigation into the cause of the collapse will be crucial in preventing similar tragedies in the future, ensuring the safety of workers and the integrity of travel infrastructure.

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