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A new tourism exhibition is being born

A new tourism exhibition is being born by the name of MEDITT<.>-Antalya

A new tourism exhibition is being born by the name of MEDITT<.>-Antalya. MEDITT-Antalya will be held on 23th-25th November 2000 in ANFAS-Antalya Expo Center, in Turkey.

MEDITT-Antalya is being organised in co-operation with ANFAS, by Ekin Publishing Center and ITE<.> Travel Exhibitions partnership.

MEDITT-Antalya is a regional exhibition which its international characteristic has influence. The exhibition is targeting to come to the fore of the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey among Egypt, Israel, Greece, Malta and the other destinations in Mediterranean Coast, with respect to competition.

This competition obliges searching the new markets and developing the new products of tourism.

The new exhibition which is targeting the Mediterranean region of Turkey gets more portion of the new and developing markets, to promote and to market the new products of tourism which will provide the fullness during 4 season and to give opportunity of developing these products. Congress and Incentive Tourism, Health Tourism, Golf and Active Tourism, Sport Activities, Culture Tourism, Sea Tourism (Cruising, Yachting, Diving) are among the new products of tourism came to the fore.

The exhibition includes all facts of tourism such as marketing, managing, investment and using the new technology.

More than 200 representatives of tour operators chosen with a view to give priority to the new and developing markets, Congress and Incentive Tourism Buyers from both Turkey and abroad.

In addition all tour operators and tourism agencies from Turkey and all around the world, investors and managers of single hotels and hotel chains, rent a car companies, airline companies, yachting and marine companies, representatives of side industry companies of tourism will be participating MEDITT-Antalya.

Approximate 500 invited visitors including the leader representatives of international tourism press will be hosted during 4 days in distinguished 4 and 5 star hotels of Antalya as complimentary by the organizers.

MEDITT-Antalya which will be opened by Tourism Minister will host an international conference on 22nd November, just a day before the beginning of the 3 days exhibition period between 23-25th November.

A number of info tours to touristic centers including the participating establishments will be arranged for the tour operators who will be invited to the region for the exhibition. Health and active tourism types will be explained practically to the invited visitors in place. Info tours will be most important part of the exhibition activities.

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