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Coordination and cooperation agreement lays foundation for a Transnational Pilot Group.

By Sun 24th, over 305,000 alternative routings or refunds (over 97% of affected customers) had been processed.

Extensive use of leasing arrangements, atypical employment, high turnover of crews, outsourcing of safety-critical tasks and operating under different AOCs

Europe’s pilots urge Council to stop abuse of atypical aircrew employment.

EU to liberalise 3rd country ‘Wet-leasing’.

This 1st anniversary of European airlines flying under the new EU Flight Time Limitations (FTL) rules confirms that the complexity

London School of Economics study reveals weak links in Europe’s aviation. Also, the stydy show that pilots are confident in

The airport industry welcomes the adoption by the European Commission of a new strategy for European aviation. This strategy in

This step constitutes a milestone in strengthening aeromedical assessments, taking into account the increasing relevance of psychosocial stressors, mental health

The ‘European Corporate Just Culture Declaration’ at a High-Level Conference on ‘Saving lives with safety information’, in Brussels is a