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Skyscanner data unearths travelers' savings, top destinations and booking trends for the first major holiday season of the year.

Skyscanner data finds flights over 35% cheaper than the yearly average.

Global travel search engine uncovers that booking holiday travel four weeks out can lead to the best savings.

Routehappy Pilot gives Skyscanner access to content that reveals product differences between flights, including Scores, basic amenities and airline-provided UTAs

Skyscanner flight search now integrated into Alexa, the Amazon Cloud-based voice service.

The flights search tool was developed for by Skyscanner for Business, an independent unit within Skyscanner, through its Flights

With the click of a button, travelers are offered an overview of how the hotel ranks overall based on all

Budapest tops European league for cheapest date for UK adults, costing £390 for two including flights. For UK adults, it

Acquisition and launch of proprietary car rental service drive expansion across travel services.

International survey reveals the bizarre items found by cabin crew. Almost a quarter (24%) of crew have found a lost