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Extensive strategic partnership includes joint advertising and merchandising initiatives to promote easyJet’s unique route network which connects Europe's primary airports

Former executive joins Skyscanner’s leadership team to focus on driving growth via non-flight verticals.

‘Everywhere’ top searched destination, up between 73-124% vs the same period in January 2023 as European travellers search for inspiration

Travel and travel spend remain a top priority in 2024, with booking windows extending across all regions.

Skyscanner’s leading flight search and comparison capabilities now live in beta in Chat GPT plug-in.

Inflation in the travel industry currently means that hotel rooms are, on average, 15.3% higher in 2023 than in 2019,

+90 day booking windows for long haul travel are up across all regions signalling both traveller confidence and demand, with

Consumers planning to travel and spend more in 2023, despite global inflationary pressures. Spend translates into a willingness to upgrade,

Unique Catchment Analysis data module launched as part of the company’s SaaS business intelligence tool, Travel Insight Vision. Advanced solution Group aims to launch over 10,000 eco-friendly travel products, with several initiatives already underway in the Group's long-term plan.