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New Greek airline takes to skies

A business triangle involving entrepreneurs from Crete, Athens and Cyprus has resulted in the formation of the latest Greek airline to take to the skies…

A business triangle involving entrepreneurs from Crete, Athens and Cyprus has resulted in the formation of the latest Greek airline to take to the skies.

Costas Bandouvas, former chairman of Air Greece, holds the post of chairman of the board governing the newly-created Cretan Airways<.>, while Petros Kalogerakis, is managing director and George Alexakis has assumed the position of deputy chairman.

An official presentation of the Crete-based airline was held last week at Iraklio.

Cretan Airways, which will begin flights in September, has leased two aircraft which will initially undertake domestic routes. Both are ATR 72, 70-seater jets that are considered economical to operate without sacrificing comfort and safety. They are set to be delivered on August 22 and 29.

The airline will begin by offering flights to Athens and Thessaloniki before spreading its wings and covering other destinations within Greece and, later, abroad.

Bandouvas said: 'We have chosen aircraft which are all-weather, reliable, of international standards and suited to local conditions. Admittedly, we have entered the air transport race at a difficult time. However, we at Cretan Airways hope and believe that the concept of a regional airline, which we represent, is absolutely viable. Our aim is to offer top-quality service on all levels. We have no intentions of presenting unfair competition but rather believe in cooperation between members of the industry, particularly with the national carrier.

We are supported by a healthy tourist base which offers all types of tourist activities and aim to establish Crete as a centre of regional development in view of its strategic and geographical position. But, more than anything, we are supported by the love of the Cretan people and the church in Crete, who now – as they have in the past – place their trust in us, recognising and believing in our efforts, the results of which we will not hesitate to use to the advantage of the island.

"We are proceeding along the path of development in a well-organised manner. We are supported by our base of shareholders, which will soon be expanded in order for all Cretans to have the opportunity to participate in this great effort so that Cretan Airways becomes an airline of the people.

The firm's share capital stands at 800 million drachmas and is expected to soon rise to 1.5 billion drachmas.

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