Latest News member crowned ASTA’s Travel Agent of the Year
New ASTA president marks 5th straight member to lead member crowned ASTA’s Travel Agent of the Year, North America’s travel services marketing organization, is proud to announce the prominence that two of its members have achieved recently from the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). Longstanding member Olga Ramudo was recently honored as ASTA’s 2011 Travel Agent of the Year. Additionally, member Nina Meyer has been elected by her peers as ASTA’s new president.

At ASTA’s 2011 Travel Retailing & Destination Expo, held last month in Las Vegas, Ramudo, President and CEO of Miami, Fla.-based Express Travel, was honored with ASTA’s 2011 Travel Agent of the Year Award. This prestigious award is bestowed on the travel agent whose outstanding influence and professional activity have advanced the status of travel agents. Ramudo was specifically cited for her work on behalf of travel agents in the legislative arena.

In honoring Ramudo, ASTA CEO Tony Gonchar noted, “Olga Ramudo’s tireless advocacy on behalf of the industry is what sets her apart. For more than 20 years, she has managed to not only run a successful travel agency but become a leader in her community and at the national level. Thanks to her close legislative ties, ASTA has received backing from influential members of the South Florida Congressional delegation in support of the Society’s position on such issues as fee disclosure, merchant fees and travel taxation. She is a prime example of what one can accomplish through hard work and determination.”

“Knowing Olga as we do, and knowing how knowledgeable and passionate she is about the industry, it came as no surprise to learn that she was bestowed with this honor,” said President John Lovell. “We’re proud that the entire travel agency industry recognizes what we do – that when Olga fights on behalf of travel agents, she’s also fiercely advocating on behalf of consumers.”

Additionally, Lovell expressed his pleasure in the election of Meyer, also from Express Travel, to become ASTA’s next president. Meyer’s election marks the fifth ASTA president in a row that has been a member.

“To become the leading agency organization in North America, you have to have the leading agents in your ranks. The consistent election of members as ASTA presidents perfectly illustrates the high quality of our membership,” added Lovell. “We are very proud to see Nina Meyer so revered by her travel agency peers that she is now able to serve the industry as its leader.”