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Five best tips on how to organize a trip on your own

Proper planning of all movements and accommodation booking will create good conditions for relaxation.

There are many countries in the world with interesting features, unusual cultures, and other things that attract tourists. Booking tours can sometimes be too expensive, especially for backpackers who prefer to make their trip as cheap as possible, with no guarantee that the country will reveal all its beauty. Traveling independently allows you to save money, immerse more deeply into the local culture and the daily life of the population. Before your trip, you should take care of your safety by getting backpackers travel insurance. It helps avoid difficult situations during your journey.

Study the characteristics of the country you plan to visit
The main task for a tourist is to choose the right destination. The appeal of some countries decreases after learning more about them. Others become even more enticing. Knowing the features of your destination makes life easier. This is the first and most important step in planning your journey.

Remember! Organizing a trip to each country has its peculiarities; a trip to Latvia will be significantly different from a trip to India.

Travel agencies often offer tours in peak season, but sometimes visiting a country off-season can also be comfortable. However, if off-season means constant tropical rains or a sharp drop in temperature, the trip won’t be enjoyable. There are dangerous areas (sometimes entire cities) that tourists should avoid. It’s essential to research online to make the right travel decision.

Save οn flights and travels
The next step in organizing your journey is buying tickets. You can save a lot of money at this stage compared to buying services from a travel agency. For extra savings, use special ticket search engines that compare offers from hundreds of companies and select the best options.

Note! To reduce ticket costs, use ‘incognito mode’ in your browser, as sites may not show all available tickets otherwise.

Ticket search engines are a good option for purchasing, but sometimes it’s worth checking low-cost carrier websites directly. They often have special offers and tickets not available elsewhere. This doesn’t take much time as each low-cost carrier usually deals with a limited number of routes, so there’s no need to check dozens of company websites.

Download maps in advance
Upon arrival, you might find yourself without internet access. In an unfamiliar city, the best way to navigate is with a map in a mobile app. Download maps in advance so they’re always available, regardless of internet connection.

Plan your city movements in advance. For example, you can mark the most interesting sights, unusual bars, and cafes. Having a map allows you to walk around the city independently, without constantly asking locals for directions. While locals are often friendly to tourists, language barriers can hinder communication.

Apply for a visa independently
You can usually apply for a visa yourself; in most cases, there’s no need to pay third parties to handle it. Just fill in the documents correctly, and the process will be completed quickly. Visa validity depends on the country, and sometimes your previous travel history is taken into account.

Some countries do not allow independent travelers. Information about them is provided in the table.

Country How to apply for a visa
Bhutan Tour operator must handle visa application
Saudi Arabia Visas for organized groups through Saudi travel agencies
North Korea Visas for organized groups through government-recognized agencies
Pakistan Visa application after request from a local travel agency
Qatar Visa approval required from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior
Japan Tour agency visa, invitation from host required (who pays taxes)

In most other countries, independent travelers can apply for visas without issues. There’s a chance you might not get it, but this risk also exists when using travel agency services.

Book accommodation in advance
Not only should you buy tickets for all flights and trips in advance, but also book accommodation. Early booking ensures that you won’t be left without a place to stay after arriving in another country. Plan how to get to your hotel or apartment in advance. Find out if you can take public transport or need to call a taxi.

Extra information! There are many apps for booking hotels and renting accommodations from private individuals.

Among these aggregators, some are designed for hotel searches, others for renting apartments and houses. There are apps specifically for independent travelers. Renting from locals helps immerse deeper into the culture and learn many interesting details.

Independent travel has many advantages over using travel agency services. Independent tourists have complete freedom of movement, can relax as they wish, go on excursions, and visit attractions at convenient times. Following simple tips will help avoid difficulties during the trip. Proper planning of all movements and accommodation booking will create good conditions for relaxation.