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Helpful tips for travel bloggers on Instagram

The things we listed just might help you figure out your lane in this adventurous business.

In the last couple of years, travel content has become one of the most popular visual media on the internet. In turn, travel bloggers became one of the hottest online dream jobs

Since this line of work is so adventurous (both online and on the field), it’s no wonder that so many people seek inspiration, help, or plain advice when starting a travel-content career. 

Travel bloggers are always looking for original ideas and interesting new travel spots to bring to the table. Platforms like Instagram have paved the way for short and “fast travel content” that gets viral, fast. But we’ll get into that later on.

First, let’s set our eyes on the road…

Where are you off to?
Choosing a hot travel destination is your number one priority. And contrary to popular belief, no, it doesn’t have to be a 20k vacay location. At all.

Sometimes, all you need is a little van, a backpack, some good company, and one heck of a camera to win audiences over. 

A budget-friendly road trip or weekend getaway to the breezy and cold mountains can even be better. Not to mention all the “hot cocoa mornings” kind of Instagram Story content you would create there.

Content inspiration doesn’t only originate from money. It comes from any place you find beauty in!

Write honestly 
Being in the center of one internet niche will give your reputation something you might not have even fought for. Trust.

That’s right. Many of your loyal readers and viewers will start trusting your opinion on all things travel and blogging. From the cool destinations to the type of photography equipment you use. They will seek confirmation from their favorite creators. 

This is why it’s important to create genuine content. If you didn’t like a certain travel spot, be honest with your audience. No need to fake it.

This kind of realness will not only grant your brand some new faces and a reputable name…It could also grant you: validation. Instagram validation. 

Many people want to know how to get a verified badge on instagram. This is how! Through being real!

This practice could boost your chances of getting approved for verification and finally getting that little blue mark next to your name.

The things this could do to your brand…Whew!

TikTok to the rescue!
There comes a point in our lives when we have to embrace whatever is “popping” within pop and internet culture right now.

Since Gen Z has created limitless opportunities for original creators on platforms like Instagram and especially on TikTok, it would be a shame not to use them.

Users on TikTok, like @travelcoupledream know what they are doing! Their content is visually stunning, engaging and they also attract many relationship-related followers. Not just travel lovers, actual lovers too!

It’s a great game of having a specific niche within your own community!

Plus, taking notes from some of the hottest travel content creators on both platforms is a great practice too. Since their ideas capture a lot of attention, there’s nothing wrong with getting a piece of that cake for yourself.

Just take a look at some of these visuals. Stunning!

That video has almost 3 million likes on the platform. Absolutely Insane!

You could get a lot of traffic by reposting videos like this on your Story. It’s a great way to create a lot of buzz. Especially if you’re a beginner. 

There are many ways to express yourself through travel-related content on Instagram. The problem lies in succeeding at originality in an ocean of such creators. 

The things we listed just might help you figure out your lane in this adventurous business. And lastly, don’t let content get way into your head. Remember to actually enjoy your trip! And let us know if these tips helped you! 

Courtesy of image: Pexels