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Top tourist attractions in Texas worth a visit

Learn about the best places to visit in Texas on your maiden visit. They include water parks, national parks, museums, and aquariums.

Top tourist attractions in Texas worth a visit
Texas is the US’s second-largest state in size of about 268,600 square miles and in population of nearly 28 million people. The state is a top tourist destination in the country because of its various attractions.

It has several world-class entertainment spots with many fun activities, including beaches, national parks, museums, gardens, and aquariums. Dive in, and we take you through the top tourist attractions in Texas.

1. San Antonio River Walk
The San Antonio River Walk is a magical place in Texas packed with many entertainment activities. It is 15 miles long, lined with museums, shops, beautiful Cyprus trees, and Tex-Mex restaurants. You can either have a self-guided walk or bike tour the riverside paths.

Fortunately, the hop-on hop-off cruise gives the best experiences as it glides past iconic places. It takes you through the San Antonio Museum of Art, Marriage Island, and the Arneson River Theater. Additionally, during holidays and festivals such as Christmas and St Patrick’s Day, the river is decorated with spectacular light illuminations to watch.

2. Texas State Capitol
The Texas State Capitol is among the most distinguished state capitols in the US. It is located in Austin and is a popular tourist destination because of its iconic attractions. The Capitol offers free tours around the building that involve walking through various historic halls. As you move, you learn more about the place as you admire the ornate architecture on the structure.

On 22 acres, you can also explore the gorgeous Capitol grounds in the heart of Downtown Austin. These are home to historical buildings, 22 monuments, and beautifully landscaped lawns. After the tour, refuel with good food at nearby places like the historic Clay Pit and Texas Chili Parlor.

However, it would be great if Downtown Austin had more entertainment spots like casino resorts and sports betting centers to visit after touring the Capitol. Fortunately, some bills are being pushed to allow their operations in Texas. But for now, offshore sportsbooks with international licenses are present to offer online betting opportunities anywhere in the state.

3. The Alamo
The Alamo Museum is a jewel of Texas heritage situated in the Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas. The historical battle of the Alamo, one of the pivotal events of the Texas Revolution, happened at this place, which gives it great importance in the state.

Among the many attractions at The Alamo is the Phil Collins collection. It has priceless artifacts gifted by the musician to Texas. The bronze statues of heroes that explain the heroism and humanity of the Alamo story also attract millions of tourists. So the authentic history experiences and expert-led tours at this tourist spot create lifetime memories.

Best of all, the place hosts various events like weddings and conferences and is open for bookings. It organizes them in the Alamo Hall, Cavarly Courtyard, Convento Courtyard, Alamo Gardens, and La Vista Terrace.

4. Dallas World Aquarium
Located in the West End Historic District of Dallas, start your adventure at the Dallas World Aquarium. Visiting the rainforest exhibit and watching the various bird species such as toucans and Cocks-of-the-rock is one of the main attractions. Not only that, it also has Orinoco crocodiles, Antillean manatees, Three-toed and Two-toed sloths, and many monkey species.

The aquarium section displays various marine life, including jellyfish, Japanese crabs, leafy, Ribbon, and Weedy sea dragons. An outdoor South Africa exhibit with Blue and black-footed penguins is also available at the Dallas World Aquarium.

5. Space Center Houston
The world’s largest collection of lunar samples and moon rocks is at Space Center Houston and available for public view. Also, it is the home of NASA mission control and astronaut training. So if you are interested in exploring things about space, the place is worth your visit.

Undoubtedly Space Center Houston is an interesting tourist spot for many fans of space exploration. It has numerous interactive exhibitions and over 400 space-related artifacts. On your visit, you spend the day learning about current work on space explorations and NASA history.

6. Schlitterbahn Water Park, New Braunfels
Schlitterbahn Water Park is one of the world’s best water parks, with many water and river slides. It has four distinct sections and each is as big as many regional water parks. On top of the large size, the sections have a children’s area, a swim-up bar, and unique signature attractions.

The resort is a perfect summer vacation destination for many people. Also, its accommodation facilities are world-class, ranging from multi-room vacation homes to basic hotel rooms. Some of the top attractions at Schlitterbahn Water Park include:

  • AquaVeyer
  • Back Splash
  • Bamboozle Bay Heated Pool
  • Black Knight
  • Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride
  • Butterfly Bayou
  • Congo River Expedition

7. Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Guadalupe Mountains National Park is located in the Chihuahuan desert of western Texas, 55 miles southwest of Carlsbad and 110 miles east of El Paso. It has the highest peak in the state and gives unique experiences with desert and dunes, mountains and canyons, spectacular vistas, and night skies. The place is also known for its diverse flora and fauna collection.

Tourists enjoy several activities in the park, such as hiking trails, scenic drives, backpacking, wilderness camping, and horseback riding. So if you are a fan of outdoor activities, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is your place to be on your maiden trip.

8. Big Bend National Park
The national park is located on the Texas-Mexican border and is a place worth a visit. Big Bend National Park is naturally gifted with over 450 bird species and 1200 plant species. Not only that, it also has about 150 miles of hiking trails along rivers and through mountainous desert terrain.

Some things to do in the park include cruising down Ross Maxwell’s scenic drive, hiking Santa Elena Canyon, and viewing the mule ears. Another top activity at the place is hiking the lower Burro Mesa Pour-Off through a large canyon.

Plan a Texas visit
Texas is known for its unlimited entertainment for all people in various tourist spots. Unfortunately, we have only listed a few of them, but there are more, such as Natural Bridge Caverns, Houston Museum District, Dallas Arboretum, and Fort Worth Zoo. Why not plan a visit and see them for yourself?