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Six fun facts about the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight, officially part of the UK, is a hugely popular holiday destination for many reasons.

When browsing for your next place to visit in the UK and the surrounding area, you may have considered the small island just off the coast of England. The Isle of Wight, officially part of the UK, is a hugely popular holiday destination for many reasons. 

This includes:

  • Sandy beaches 
  • Seafront promenades
  • Fantastic walks and viewpoints
  • A great lighthouse 
  • Steeped in history

You can fly across to the Isle of Wight with a couple of stops, or you can take a ferry across as a foot passenger or with your vehicle. With only a short travel time from the south coast of England, there’s many reasons to visit this place if you’re looking for the ideal UK-based trip. However, did you know there are some very interesting facts about the Isle of Wight? Here are six of them. 

1. It houses the oldest UK pier
There’s nothing like spending time at the pier when you’re looking for the ideal seafront break, and the Isle of Wight has the oldest Victorian pier, which is worth a visit, providing a beautiful seafront walk, too. 

2. It’s perfect for ghost-lovers 
If you’re a fan of haunted stories and locations, then the Isle of Wight should be at the top of your list, as it’s renowned for being a particularly haunted place. The island has had many reports of ghost sightings and hauntings, and it’s no wonder when it’s so steeped in history, including monks and soldiers reportedly being sighted. 

3. It has great sunny weather 
While UK weather is well-known for being temperamental, the Isle of Wight offers one of the sunniest locations in the UK. It actually gets the most sun throughout the year, and on hottest days, can be comparable to some top European destinations. 

This means that if you’re looking for a sunny getaway and considering UK locations, the Isle of Wight is a great stop. The Whitecliff Bay is one of the best holiday parks Isle of Wight has, which will ensure you have a perfect break.

4. A favorite spot of Queen Victoria 
If you’re a history-lover with an interest in British royals, then you should know that this island was a firm favorite of Queen Victoria. You can even make a stop at her former royal residence, Osborne House, located on the island in East Cowes, as part of the English Heritage. 

5. It’s the ideal place for those passionate about dinosaurs
For children and adults alike, if you’re a fan of fossils and dinosaur history, then the Isle of Wight has it all. Not only can you learn more about dinosaurs there, with evidence of over 20 different breeds that were once found on the island, but you and your family can even go hunting by following the dinosaur hunt footprints on some of the island’s beaches. 

6. Britain’s oldest phone box can be found there 
Street-based phone boxes have now become more of a feature than a useable piece of equipment, but they still provide an iconic piece of history, especially on English streets. The oldest phone box can actually be found in Bembridge (and it actually still works). 

As you can see, there are many reasons why the Isle of Wight may need to take a spot on your travel to-do list.

Photo from Pexels