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Time-saving tips for business travelers

To get more done in less time when traveling for business, have a look at the time-saving tips that experts recommend.

The ability to travel between cities in a matter of hours has made doing business in the modern world easier than ever before. Although affordable flights make travel fast, the reality is that you can travel even faster when you know the best ways to save time. To get more done in less time when traveling for business, have a look at the time-saving tips that experts recommend.

1. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check
Many business travelers lose significant time when trying to get through security and customs to board a flight. Security lines can often get very long at unexpected times, and this can lead to missed flights or having to arrive at an airport very early. You can avoid most of the problems associated with getting through security at U.S. airports by signing up for TSA Pre-Check. As long as you pass the background check, TSA Pre-Check enables you to skip the security lines at all U.S. airports for both domestic and international flights.

2. Minimize what you bring to trade shows
If you regularly travel to attend trade shows, you should take steps to minimize the amount of space that you need for your gear. One of the best options is to get an easy to set up outdoor canopy for trade shows and expos. An outdoor canopy that takes up little space while requiring less time to set up can give you more time to focus on doing business at an important trade show. Additionally, it is a good idea to scrutinize every item that you normally bring to trade shows in your checked luggage. Striking the right balance between easy setup and maximum portability will give you an edge when traveling for business.

3. Use smaller airports
When traveling to meet a client in another city, flying to the biggest airport often sounds like the most appealing option. After all, cities often pride themselves on having world-class airports with luxurious lounges, fantastic shopping, and delicious restaurants. The downside of major airports, however, is that they are often so enormous that they require you to waste an extra hour to park, find your gate, and board your flight. Therefore, it often makes sense to book at a smaller airport that enables you to walk straight to your plane with minimal hassle. Some smaller airports are also located closer to your destination, so you can complete your trip in less time.

4. Book plane and hotel packages
Business travelers often have to stay in their destinations for several days to attend conferences or talk to important partners. If you regularly travel across the country for business, you can lose a significant amount of time when you have to complete bookings for flights and hotels separately. When booking your next hotel, try to book it as a package that comes with a flight. Packages make it easier to book your flight, and they tend to be cheaper than bookings that are made separately.

5. Take advantage of modern airport lounges
Getting work done is almost impossible when you are stuck in the crowded and noisy waiting area in an airport that is used by the general public. You can spend more of your time productively when you gain access to an airport lounge that is designed for business travelers. Although many professionals avoid private lounges because of their high costs, the reality is that there are many ways to qualify to use lounges for free. Many credit cards, booking apps, and even ride-sharing apps give loyal customers free access to major lounges across the country.