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What are the best sinks for the bathroom

With custom sinks bathroom design can reach a whole new level.

One of the most important tasks when decorating your bathroom is choosing the right sink to go with décor. Modern sinks created by Aquatica come in all kinds of designs to suit everyone’s needs. With custom sinks bathroom design can reach a whole new level. These sinks are usually used many times throughout the day, and it is very important to pick the best option for your home.

Picking the best sink for your bathroom
When you start choosing a sink for your bathroom, it might be overwhelming because of all the options. However, it is much easier if you start going through your requirements and possibilities. First of all, you can decide whether you want a freestanding sink, a vessel design, or a wall-mounted luxury option ( If you choose a vessel sink or a wall-mounted one, you can follow these steps to make the best choice:

  • Measure the space you have to fit in the countertop of your choice.
  • Every sink at Aquatica is made of the finest materials. From a wide selection of premium woods to durable composite materials, there is a lot of room to experiment and come up with a perfect custom solution for your home.
  • When you are settled with materials, you can look through the shapes and colors available. There are different colors available for sinks and cabinets. As for the shapes, there are numerous contemporary designs with classic oval and round models, as well as sleek rectangular and unique shapes.
  • Do not forget about faucets. Choose a fitting faucet for your singular sink or a pair of faucets for a double model to go with it.

Having a luxurious bathroom becomes much easier when you have numerous options with different price points to choose from.