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To be or not to be DMC? by Site Greece

Many articles exist about the role and position of the DMC in today’s Travel, Incentive, and Conference Industry. All of them give us an excellent overview of the Destination Management Company (DMC) profile, explain his role and enlighten us on the differences between incoming agents, ground suppliers and DMC’s.

The goal of this publication is to try to go a step further into the practical aspects and the day to day routines of a DMC. Many seminars and speakers have addressed the subject of what services the DMC should provide but rarely tell us how to do it. Attendees are always eager to hear and learn more about practical techniques and how to put them into effect. To hear what "you must do" is great but to hear "how you can do it" is even greater.

Between a good incoming agent and a good DMC there is a world of difference, a successful incoming agent can become a very successful DMC with some guidelines .

This essay is not meant for the experienced DMC but for the "would like to be DMC" and junior staff. The goal is to develop the daily conditions of our job with concrete examples and practices . In this paper  we shall examine the routines of the DMC and recommend correct actions on given circumstances; it will also guide, and advise the "wish to be DMC" how to perform, improve, and apply methods used by established and reputable DMC’s in the industry.

The content of the book " To Br or Not to Be a DMC" written by Tasso Pappas for his certification thesis of CITE (Certified Incentive Travel Executives) in 1996  will be published by TDN in periodic articles for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge about the Destination Management Companies and assist the new DMC in their professional career.

The following subjects will be presented in the future editions of TDN:

  • The Preparation,
  • The Promotion,
  • Handling Requests,
  • Making Offers,
  • Program Planning,
  • Trip Delivery

* In the next issue: Is there a need for Destination Management Companies (DMC)?

© Tasso Pappas CITE
Tasso Pappas is President of the Site Greek Chapter and served as President of Site Intl. in 2000. This article is an extract from his book "To be or not to be a DMC" which he wrote in 1996 as his thesis for the certification CITE (Certified Incentive Travel Executive).

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