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Miroslav Roncak Czech Republic is not only Prague

Mr Miroslav Roncak, Director of the CzechTourism in Germany analyzes in TravelDailyNews the tourism potentials of Czech Republic.

TravelDailyNews:Which countries contribute more to your inbound travel?

Miroslav Roncak: We have many tourists from Germany and from many parts of Europe. We had seven million tourist arrivals this year and many came from Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Greece and Austria. We have a new strategy as we are launching the Czech Days in the World Cup 2006 in Germany. We will have many cultural events going on during the World Cup in many cities of Germany and especially in Hamburg. German market is very important for us and our tourism authority tries to make a strong presence in this market.

TravelDailyNews:What are your plans to develop the infrastructure in your country?

M.R.:I think that there are a lot of possibilities in this field for Czech Republic. I think that Prague will play a major role in the country’s development. But there is an increase for conventions and conferences not only in Prague but in the whole area of the country. The Prague Congress Centre was selected as a venue for the 2000 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group. But we want to highlight and the other regions of the country. There are already many convention and conferences centres in the other parts of Czech Republic. We want to increase the number of venues because we consider that the mice market is a very lucrative market.

TravelDailyNews:Do you feel that there is a strong competition with the other countries of the region?

M.R.: I think that every country has a different tourism product to showcase. We have our product and we try to promote the natural beauties of the country. Also, we want to show to the world that there is not only Prague. There are many other remarkable places to visit to Czech Republic too. Of course, Prague has characterized as a world heritage from UNESCO and many travelers are coming to Czech Republic to see the city’s rich historical background.

TravelDailyNews:The recent terrorists’ attacks had shaken Europe. How did this affect your country’s tourist flow?

M.R.: Fortunately we didn’t see any dramatically changes in the country’s tourist flow. Many countries have affected by the recent terrorist attacks but we have to say that the impact was very limited to Czech Republic. We have taken special precaution measures for future terrorist attacks but we didn’t have any serious problem in our country.

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