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TripAdvisor Beach and Pool Etiquette survey reveals travellers' waterside code of conduct

Travellers in Southeast Asia named littering and spitting the worst beach and pool misdemeanour with teenagers and young adults the key culprits

SINGAPORE – TripAdvisor announced the results of its beach and pool etiquette survey of over 900 travellers in Southeast Asia, with the worst beach and pool offences being littering at beaches and spitting in pools. 70 percent feel that teenagers and young adults are the key culprits but nearly all (95%) have never or rarely ask them to stop behaving rudely.

“As travellers prepare to flock to the beach and pool this holiday season, it will be good to be aware of what exactly makes other beach- and pool-goers tick,” said Jean Ow-Yeong, TripAdvisor spokesperson. “This ensures that everyone can have some fun in the sun harmoniously.” Most annoying beach and etiquette violations“Reserving” Chairs
82 percent cannot tolerate those who save beachside or poolside chairs by leaving their belongings on them. 71 percent maintain that they never do so while 22 percent rarely do so.

Sun Tan Camaraderie
36 percent feel that it is their responsibility to inform those who have a sunburnt while 41 percent think that it is none of their business.

Personal Space on the Sand
24 percent feel the closest acceptable distance to sit next to another stranger on a crowded beach is three feet (0.9 metres), 20 percent think it should be two feet (0.6 metres) while 15 percent say four feet (1.2 metres) is more comfortable.

On non-crowded beaches, 27 percent consider three to six feet (0.9 to 1.8 metres) to be the closest acceptable distance to sit next to a fellow beach-goer, 25 percent feels it should be seven to ten feet (2.1 to 3 metres) while 19 percent say twenty feet (6.1 metres) is appropriate.
Top restricted beach and pool zonesTravellers Oppose Waterside Smoking and Shower-Skipping

  • 71 percent think smoking should be prohibited at the beach and pool.
  • 28 percent and 7 percent feel there is no problem smoking at the beach and pool respectively.
  • 58 percent consider it a breach of etiquette for not rinsing off before entering the pool, with 60 percent and 24 percent who always and often do so respectively.

The survey was conducted with 929 travellers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, from 3 October to 31 October 2012

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