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The future of tourism is redefined at FITURTECHY24: ‘Total Recall’

Fiturtechy 2023

The leading space in technology and innovation for the tourism industry organised by the Hotel Technology Institute at FITUR will be held on 24, 25 and 26 January in Hall 10 at IFEMA MADRID.

MADRID – FITURTECHY, the leading space in technology and innovation for the tourism industry, announces the celebration of its 2024 edition under the slogan “Desafío Total” (Total Recall). FITURTECHY is the section of FITUR dedicated to innovation, the future, sustainability and technology in the tourism and hotel sector which, once again this year, will have a presence at the International Tourism Trade Fair organised by IFEMA MADRID from 24 to 28 January, with Ecuador featuring as this year’s Partner Country.

With a successful track record in promoting innovation, sustainability and digital transformation in tourism, FITURTECHY 2024 promises to be a revolutionary event that will bring together industry experts and leaders. During 24, 25 and 26 January, FITURTECHY, which is  organised by ITH, will become the epicentre of the latest trends and cutting-edge solutions for the tourism industry.

‘Total Recall’

Under the slogan “Desafío total” (Total Recall), the classic 1990 American sci-fi film,  FITURTECHY 2024 will immerse visitors in a transformative experience that challenges existing paradigms and redefines the very essence of tourism.  The ‘Total Recall’ is a call to transform today’s standards and to find a balance between technological efficiency, artificial intelligence, sustainability in all areas and the human touch. It’s time to evolve and adapt to a constantly developing scenario, where the dehumanisation, automation, cybersecurity and digital ethics are at stake.

The humanisation of the visitor experience is one of the most relevant challenges today because, although technology can provide efficiency and personalisation, it cannot replace warmth and the human element. Therefore, the quest to restore harmony between convenience, technological efficiency and the human touch, where every interaction is meaningful and personalised, is important. In this context, training professionals becomes essential to deliver quality interactions that leave a lasting impression on our guests.

FITURTECHY 2024 forums

Once again, Grupo Cajamar will be present at FITURTECHY 2024 as a sponsor of the Welcome & VIP Area. As a strategic sector of our economy, tourism is facing the challenges of digitalisation, sustainability and profitability. As a cooperative bank, Grupo Cajamar offers its transformative experience and financial energy to companies that want to be the future. That is why, once again, it is present at this great meeting point, in collaboration with the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT).

The space, covering more than 2,000 square metres, will consist of four forums where cutting-edge conferences will be hosted:

TechYnegocio, forum sponsored by AdQuiver

Improvisation and new, never-before experienced scenarios make forecasting difficult. Businesses are challenged to deal with technological transformation to recapture the human essence with a focus on people. The profitability of the business will be determined by the ability to adapt to customer needs while technology facilitates operations and provision of services. The hotel industry is hospitality and “Desafío Negocio” (business challenge) embraces the introduction of technology so that people can focus on serving people. “Desafío Negocio” is the forum for rethinking the existing standards for the hotel industry of the future.

AdQuiver, experts in transforming the travel sector through the activation of strategic data, is sponsoring TechYnegocio for the third year, a forum that stands out for addressing cutting-edge issues in the sector and with the participation of industry leaders. This milestone reinforces AdQuiver’s commitment to tourism innovation, as well as its consolidation as a sponsor of the TechYnegocio forum.

TechYfuturo, forum sponsored by American Express

The forum on technology and the future will be showing how innovation and creativity are impacting the development of this industry through robotisation and artificial intelligence and how the humanisation of technology can accelerate tourism and thus have a positive impact on society.

American Express is the sponsor of the techYfuturo forum within the FITURTECHY 2024 space, a further demonstration of its commitment to the development of the tourism sector in Spain and around the world. Since its inception in 1850, the firm has strived to find new ways to enrich the lives of its customers, to support them and to provide them with a special service, be they large corporations, small or medium-sized businesses, or private individuals.

“As its business has transformed – from money transport by stagecoach to payment cards, and from there to innovative digital products and services – one thing has remained constant: American Express’ unwavering commitment to earning the long-term loyalty of its customers in the long term,” the company affirms.

TechYsostenibilidad, forum sponsored by Dinapsis

The application of appropriate technology and innovation gains relevance in this forum as it can create a key differentiating factor in the service provided to the customer and, in addition, can help the tourism sector to better manage resources related to caring for the environment and society that has an impact on the preservation of the future of our planet and, therefore, a greater alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.

In this field, the Dinapsis network deploys innovative digital solutions for the digital transformation of water management and environmental health in territories, promoting the development of smart, resilient and green cities. Dinapsis forms part of Hubgrade, Veolia’s range of digital services that provide data analytics, monitoring, optimisation and predictive systems to meet the challenges of the ecological transformation. 

TechYdestino, forum sponsored by Maarlab

The forum dedicated to Destinations, sponsored by Maarlab, will be presenting the new challenges and trends in travel and the keys to innovative and integrated destination management. In a constantly evolving sector, it is essential to be at the forefront of technologies related to tourism management and promotion, without forgetting the human factor that is so important and so characteristic of tourism.

Maarlab is a tour operator as well as a technological developer, which allows it to offer innovative solutions that drive the digital transformation of the sector. Its purpose is to help build more sustainable and prosperous tourism destinations, helping their companies to improve their digital business through useful and effective solutions. “We are ready to undertake the transformation that the sector needs, but to do it from within, from the very generators of tourism experiences, from the actual destinations that host them,  says Maarlab.

Maarlab’s sponsorship of TechYdestino reflects its vision of a smarter and more connected tourism, where technology serves to enrich the human travel experience and enhance our tourism destinations as better places to live in and visit.


In the setting of four forums, this showroom will be presenting the latest hotel trends and will allow attendees to experiment with innovative tools and solutions in the recreational environment of the hotel of the future.