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Why should you include an island getaway for your honeymoon


Unlike many other vacation destinations, an island getaway lets you set the pace each day. You can wake up each morning and decide how to spend the day.

Wedding planning is incredibly stressful. Our favorite part of the process? Definitely escaping to the honeymoon! Even if you and your partner have traveled together before, your honeymoon is your first adventure as a married couple. It’s your chance to set the tone for your marriage and make once-in-a-lifetime memories.

When it comes to setting the tone for your next chapter, few destinations provide a better backdrop than Caribbean islands. There are several reasons to choose a tropical island getaway for your honeymoon, and in this article, we’ve rounded up just a few.

Make time for adventure, romance, and relaxation
A honeymoon is different from your typical vacation. While it is definitely a chance to unwind after a beautiful but possibly stressful experience, it’s also the first chapter of your marriage. Your honeymoon gives you the unique opportunity to spend quality time with your spouse, making memories that you’ll talk about to your children and grandchildren (should you choose to have them).

Unlike many other vacation destinations, an island getaway lets you set the pace each day. You can wake up each morning and decide how to spend the day. You have the opportunity to explore natural wonders, try high-adventure activities like scuba diving and ziplining, explore world-class dining and nightlife, or simply relax and enjoy cocktails and stunning beaches. On your island getaway, you get to set the pace.

Escape the outside world
If you choose to travel to a city or other popular destination for your honeymoon, it can be incredibly tempting to hop on your phone, check email, or scroll through social media. If you choose a destination that feels like another world altogether, the ‘daily grind’ is a lot less tempting than the sights, sounds, and indulgences that your island escape has to offer. 

Your honeymoon is your opportunity to focus entirely on your partner, yourself, and enjoying each other’s company. Creating a new reality for yourself and your partner is much easier with a backdrop that looks like a postcard. This is especially true if you choose to stay at an all-inclusive resort that helps take care of all the logistics, including your meals, beverages, excursions and activities, and even your flights! If you want to take your honeymoon to the next level with a romantic spa service, a morning of golf, or an adventure tour, you can add these extra experiences to your honeymoon without going to another vendor. 

Avoid massive crowds of tourists
Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations include Paris, London, Tokyo, Rome, and other major cities. These destinations are undoubtedly wonderful places to visit, but they aren’t exactly designed with honeymooners in mind. If you’re visiting a “bucket list” city like this, you might be tempted to fill the time with popular tourist destinations and become focused on these sight-seeing missions at the expense of making special memories with your new spouse.

When looking at lodgings in these cities, it can be challenging to know precisely what you’re getting, as photos can be deceiving. What might appear to be a nice, affordable hotel may actually be a cramped space in an unsafe part of the city. Or, worse—you might find yourself in a “tourist trap” with thin walls, loud tourist families, and an ambiance that does not lend itself to romance.

By opting for a tropical island getaway, you can ensure that your lodgings are as private as possible. Many islands offer adults-only resort options and secluded, private residences.

Indulge all your senses
A vacation is the opportunity to enjoy sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations that you simply can’t find back home. There’s no better time to completely indulge yourself (and your spouse) than on your honeymoon!

A tropical getaway on a Caribbean island offers completely unique sensory experiences. From world-class dining, fusing culinary influences around the world, to beautiful landscapes that are unique to these islands—the warm white sand and cool turquoise waters—all of your senses will be wholly swept away. Then, when you want to recreate memories of your honeymoon, all you need to do is whip up a tropical drink, enjoy the sun on a summer day, and reminisce about how you felt on that escape to paradise.

Simplify your island escape
If you’re planning your wedding, you are probably focused on making sure every detail is absolutely perfect. From floral arrangements to bridal party attire to help make sure that all of your relatives have a place to stay, you probably have so much on your plate that you haven’t had a moment to spare to think about your honeymoon. All-inclusive resorts take all of the stress out of honeymoon planning and let you focus on simply enjoying yourself.

Photo by Upgraded Points on Unsplash

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