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World Tourism Organization

Australia praised for its role in measuring tourism

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) on Monday commended Australia`s adoption of the United Nations` international standard…

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) on Monday commended Australia`s adoption of the United Nations` international standard of what constitutes the tourism industry, in response to the debate recently raised by the recent release of the Productivity Commission report, Assistance to Tourism: Exploratory Estimates.

Antonio Massieu, WTO`s Chief of Statistics and Economic Measurement of Tourism, who is visiting Australia for the International Statistical Institute Conference in Sydney, said, I hope this debate will not distract from efforts to grow this important industry and to ensure that the wonderful potential of this vast country as a major tourism destination, and for the economic benefits which follow, is achieved.

Australia is a world leader in the measurement of tourism and in the adoption of official UN international standards. The country leads in the implementation of UN standards in its Tourism surveys, and in producing an objective and credible Tourism Satellite Account, which is based on the UN standards.

This official national accounts measure conforms to the UN`s definition of tourism and its methodology for calculating tourism`s contribution to the economy,
Mr. Massieu stated.

The use of the international standard definition ensures there is consistency and comparability of data between countries. This is important in a world that is getting smaller and where countries are increasingly competing for the tourist`s dollar.

While any organisation, such as the Productivity Commission, is entitled to adopt any definition it considers is relevant for a specific research project, it is unfortunate that in this case it has given rise to some debate as to what tourism constitutes. Whatever definition may be adopted, this should not affect the measure of government`s assistance, WTO`s Chief of Statistics underlined.

Mark your calendar:

The World Tourism Organization will stage the world conference on

The Tourism Satellite Account (TSA): Understanding Tourism and Designing Strategies;

3 – 6 October 2005, Iguazu – Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

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