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New Mexico Tourism Department`s new advertising campaign comes `Full Circle`

Leaving your visitor changed forever is a pretty bold promise to take into an advertising campaign…

Leaving your visitor changed forever is a pretty bold promise to take into an advertising campaign. In this day and age of TiVo, instant replay, reality television and text messaging, it is hard to imagine anything seen or read would have the impact necessary to send a believable message of uniqueness, revitalization and rare opportunities that would intrigue a potential new visitor to New Mexico enough to pack the SUV, load up the family and set out for sights unseen.

But that is just what the New Mexico Tourism Department (NMTD) hopes to accomplish with its new Full Circle advertising campaign. And considering what the state has to offer, with its rich mixture of culture, natural resources and diverse landscapes, delivering on that promise may not be all that difficult. The campaign was conceived and implemented by NMTD and its contracted advertising agency, Rick Johnson and Company Advertising of Albuquerque.

New Mexico offers a rare opportunity to experience a vacation that is capable of taking visitors `full circle`, said Michael Cerletti, secretary of NMTD, often leaving them changed forever. People often talk about leaving New Mexico a different person than when they arrived.

All of the images in the campaign – both in print and on television – are bold and circular, depicting all aspects of the state. The copy around each print image tells a unique story of a traveler`s journey through New Mexico, and how through their experiences they came full circle. The copy is also designed to make sense as it wraps around upon itself and draws the reader into the experience- thus further emphasizing the full circle nature of the ads.

The circular images show iconic symbols of New Mexico, said NMTD Advertising Manager Martin Leger, from New Mexican cuisine to Indian pottery and hand-crafted turquoise jewelry to images related to the diversity of outdoor activities available within the state. The cost effectiveness of this campaign has allowed us to target specific markets with images to which the target audience effectively responds. The simplistic imagery has been successful in distinguishing the department from other tourism destination ads.

And that, said Marketing Manager Jon Hendry, is why the six, 15-second television ads will cut through the clutter. They are unique and eye-catching. Each 15-second segment involves a rotating object, be it a balloon, golf ball or the twirling of a flamenco dancer`s dress. We can also remove segments or ad segments together, based on the time of year, the length of the ad and what we`re trying promote at what time of year.

The television commercial, with a production cost of around $200,000, was shot by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Ward Russell of Santa Fe (and his motion-controlled camera), employed an all-New Mexico crew and even took advantage of film industry trainees involved in the Governor`s Film Technician Training Program.

It is a commercial we feel creates a true feeling of being in New Mexico, Secretary Cerletti said. We were able take the film experience we have at our disposal at the department and throughout the State of New Mexico and put together a quality product that I think will garner nothing but rave reviews.

Leger said the Full Circle campaign`s objectives are to increase travel to New Mexico using multiple advertising channels, and increase the awareness of New Mexico as a vacation destination; showcase its variety of activities, cultures and attractions available throughout the state; and increase awareness of the New Mexico Tourism Department website,

Leger said print targets include regional, national and international publications such as Texas Monthly, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, Smithsonian, Architectural Digest, Budget Travel and Eating Well. Outdoor advertising will also target specific markets, including Lubbock, Texas, and Tucson, Ariz. Mall kiosks in Austin and Dallas, Texas, and coffee sleeves distributed to nearly 45 cafes in Austin, Dallas, Denver and Tucson (150,000 sleeves per month) are also part of the campaign.

Television will target specific feeder markets and pay-per-inquiry on national cable, Leger said, which allows us to gain exposure through many airings of the commercials while only having to pay for those inquiries that are generated. Channels will include the History Channel, the Travel Channel and E!. National cable television reinforces the overall branding and awareness efforts of the New Mexico Tourism Department.

Secretary Cerletti said the department would continue its path into the visual advertising market. We are heavy on national cable television because we want to keep our name out there, and we must distinguish ourselves from other southwest states. This new effort is part of an on-going advertising campaign under the current administration designed to do just that.

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