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Houston-based worldwide luggage shipping firm announces "paperless" customs clearance will ship luggage and other items to cruise ships and any destination in the US or to over 220 countries worldwide.

HOUSTON –, a Houston based luggage and sports equipment delivery service has partnered with FEDEX to provide international travelers with “paperless” customs documents to most countries worldwide. In most cases this new “bar code” customs service will greatly reduce the maze of paperwork associated with international travel and will make the travel experience even more stress-free. will pick up at the traveler’s home or office, ship their luggage and sports equipment ahead to be waiting at the traveler’s destination upon arrival. This service is designed to eliminate the hassle and stress of lugging your bags into the airport and paying the airline’s ever-increasing fees for checked bags.  Then, when the traveler arrives back home, they can skip the baggage carousel and their belongings will be safely delivered back to their home, office or other destination. And, leveraging their volume discounts with FEDEX and DHL, the cost for this concierge service is only about 15% more than the airline’s charges for checked luggage and other items. Lug less – stress less. will ship luggage and other items to cruise ships and any destination in the US or to over 220 countries worldwide. The company will handle all of the paperwork including expedited customs clearance via the internet for international travel. Then their agents will monitor the customer’s shipment all along the way and will send updates by email. Their staff will call ahead to the traveler’s destination hotel or resort and notify them to expect your luggage shipment and provide a confirmation when the items have reached their destination. True door-to-door service.

Company president Bob Christopher says that since launching in May 2015, there has been an ever increasing demand for his company’s service and says that he believes shipping your luggage, golf clubs, skis and snowboards ahead will be mainstream within the next five years as airports get more crowded and airline fees increase. You can visit the company’s website at Christopher says that Luggage Handler’s trademarked tag line says it all: “Pack your bags – We’ll take it from here!”

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