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Royal Jordanian launches new products with Optiontown

The price of flights becomes cheaper if the number of selected flights is higher and if booked earlier.

AMMAN – Royal Jordanian launched four new products to enhance the choice of its guests, in coordination with Optiontown, a world pioneer in developing unique and innovative travel options.

The four travel options, available to RJ customers are:
Flight Pass Option: RJ passengers can access this product on the airline's site, and it allows them to purchase multiple tickets bundled to one or more destinations on RJ’s global route network at fixed, pre-set and highly attractive fares per flight, offering up to 50% discounted rates.

Flight Pass enables RJ travelers to:

  • Book 4 to 100 one-way flights on round-trip basis
  • Choose to pay either up front or in easy installments
  • Select advance booking from 180 days to 4 hours prior to the flight departure as per their preference
  • Have the benefit to share the Flight Pass with family and friends
  • Choose travel validity from one month to one year. 

The price of flights becomes cheaper if the number of selected flights is higher and if booked earlier. 

With this option, Economy and Crown Class passengers always pay the same low price for a plane ticket to a particular destination and have the guaranty of booking seat on any flight up to last seat availability.
Preferred Seat Option: offers the chance of getting the seat preferred by the passenger during the journey, which can be an emergency exit seat, preferential window or aisle in the Economy Class cabin.

With this option, RJ guests can get extra comfort and more space by selecting their desired seat at a nominal fee, depending on the destination.

Excess Baggage Option: Passengers can save money and the hassle of paying for excess baggage last minute at the airport by buying this service from the RJ website at a discounted price, with the ability to buy a bulk of excess baggage, which is a baggage pass that can be redeemed upon passengers’ desire.

Lounge Pass Option: RJ travelers can get all the frills and perks associated with the Crown Lounge without being a Crown Class passenger. Guests can indulge themselves in the exquisite Crown lounge amenities at Queen Alia International Airport while waiting for their flight by buying the Lounge Pass from RJ’s website, with the ability to purchase a bulk of lounge access vouchers which can be redeemed upon passengers’ desire.

RJ President/CEO Stefan Pichler commented: “At RJ, we are on the move. We want to become a customer champion brand, so we need a pipeline of new products at attractive prices to redefine travel for our guests.”

Pichler urged RJ customers to visit the RJ website and choose to add value to their travel experience. He said that the four new services are an addition to the three online premium services that the airline launched last August: the Upgrade to Crown Class bidding option, the Lounge Pass option, and Royal Boutique electronic Duty Free shopping.”

Optiontown Founder & CEO, Sachin Goel, commented: “We are happy to partner with RJ to enable passengers to lock-in extremely low fares for multiple trips with Flight Pass, while also enhancing their travel planning and booking experience. We will continue to bring innovative consumer friendly products using our patented technologies and aim to revolutionize the aviation industry by giving passengers full control on designing their own travel experience, yet paying the lowest fares.”

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