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Canadian Alliance of Business Travel gives members 2006 Forecast

The Canadian Alliance of Business Travel provided its members the…

The Canadian Alliance of Business Travel provided its members the annual business travel preview. The Business Travel Overview and 2006 Cost Forecast, the forth such report by the group, points to an increase next year in both the cost of business travel and the number of business trips taken.

The report is based on a survey of 18 firms from across Canada with various business classifications and combined annual travel budgets of $200 million. Eighty-nine percent anticipate business travel expenditures will increase in 2006 over 2005, and 59 percent expect their companies’ travelers to take more business trips.

“The Canadian Alliance of Business Travel is pleased to provide this data to members just as companies are creating detailed plans for 2006,” said Tanya Racz, CCTE, president of the Canadian Alliance. “The concise report gives travel managers a tool to quickly compare their 2006 plans with industry trends and expectations.”

The report indicates the majority of Canadian travel managers expect domestic airfares, transborder airfares, international airfares and hotel rates to increase in 2006, while car rental rates are expected to remain flat.

Racz added, “In addition to gathering data about expectations related to costs of travel services, the survey allowed us to gain insight into Canadian corporate attitudes toward taxes and fees assessed on travel. Sixty-five percent said they are concerned about the increasing tax and fee burden, and indicated they will support the efforts of the Canadian Alliance of Business Travel to reduce or hold the line on travel taxes in 2006.”

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